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Now, I received a flag notification for my post

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Yes, I am doing this. Reviving this subject again and the question remains.

Someone just posted a topic in the wrong section of the forum and to be extra, upon looking at his profile he has all of his images stolen from other Fiverr sellers (I took a screenshot before he deleted topic).

Now, I received a flag notification for my post.

And I am wondering how is this acceptable to be flagged for:

TOPIC OP: (posted in FAQ section): link and text Please visit here

My reply, word for word: Well, now this is an interesting approach.
Under Fiverr FAQ forum section posting a link that is direct order application, no info about GIG or your
qualifications visible.
And, all of your logo images are taken from another Fiverr seller or from google images.

So, my post was flagged, his post was flagged and topic removed, but why was my post flagged? How does it violate community TOS?

It is brought to my attention that each flag is reviewed manually so I would like to know by the “manual” person, what was my error here?

I can not fix my behavior if I do not have proper guidance.

And please reply to the OP question.

Since if being flagged here influences my main page status, it makes sense to remove my account on the forum and login with another account that is not connected to Fiverr.


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My understanding is that you need to have a fiverr account in order to login to the forum. It’s possible I’m mistaken.

Moving on.

People flag things for all kinds of reasons. The main one seems to be that they disagree with what’s being said and therefore interpret that as an insult - it isn’t. It’s just that they disagree.

Second on the list seems to be “tone” - a statement of fact without any “flowriness” about it (eg "sorry, dear poster, I can’t - apologies - agree with this … ") can be flagged by those who take such observations personally … or don’t like facts generally … @jonbass and @humanissocial get a lot those.

Personally, I flag those posts with gig links in them that aren’t in the “my fiverr gig” category - I can’t move them, so want someone to do so.

Although I flagged something that was actually in the right category by mistake today - my excuse was that it had been edited and moved so often it made my head spin …

So under which of those headings is your post … ?


My post was under topic titled Logo design for your business only 2 days
Welcome Fiverr FAQ

and he placed a link that was not going to his gig but it was a direct order link, if I clicked on the green button I would have automatically made an order.

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I would have flagged his post, not yours … and I think I did.

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I am not questioning you putting flag, anyone can flag anything, but the flag was processed by moderator and approved, this is my issue. I want to know what rules did I violated with my post that MOD or whomever decided that I actually get a flag.

This is a big issue for me.

One month ago I had and argument with italian men that people dying is more important than him losing his rent (he was claiming his rent is more important) It was back and forward argument and after one hour he just flagged all my posts and as a result of that i received warning that a lot of posts are getting flagged.

So now I am sensitive to flags, especially since I am following the rules.

Why was my post regarding him linking directly to order (and how did he do this, it is like subscription link for YouTube) and then his entire profile portfolio stolen from other designers a good reason for flag?

And I read somewhere if I get flagged here a lot, my Fiver main page account will suffer.

People can flag me all day long, but MOD checks the flag I hope. And decides yes or no to proceed with flag.


Thanks for acknowledging that. We do!


Well, dunno, then …

Perhaps I may be able to explain it to you at some point in the future … possibly …

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Someone probably just don’t like you. It happens.

If you called them out on this, it might be that Fiverr or some sellers don’t really want the forum showcasing evidence of some sellers being frauds. I have had posts flagged for exposing the fact that some sellers on Fiverr run a scam where they create Bitcoin wallets for cryptocurrency users.

This is the oldest scam in crypto history, as whoever creates your wallet can at any point empty it of your funds and you will never have any way of getting them back.

As it is, quite a long reply I posted on a thread about this subject with links to authoritative sources was flagged shortly after I made it. To me things like that are more closely aligned to reputation management for Fiverr as a brand, rather than forum rules.

Well, to be honest, that was heated and I didn’t agree with you. I didn’t flag you, but if lots of others did, Mods might have sided with them as a way of going with the numbers.

I think you might need to accept that the forum is in no way a democracy or free speech area. If Fiverr doesn’t like something someone is talking about, they can just remove threads and posts accordingly. Their ability to do that goes over any nice community standards reading material or official guidelines.

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I agree with you. I was overly sensitive since at the time of his statement on forum my most important employee, lead graphic designer and without him I could just lock the door of my business and trow away the key, in hospital, under covid struggling to survive.

So same guy stating that him missing orders and having no GIG impressions is more important then people trying to cope with covid resonated deeply.

So that was 50% of my flags. Other 25% I received only because people here know I am fluent in English so I kind-of resent the discrimination (the OP said he will critik our gig and shear his opinion and I replied I would love to have him shear his opinion and critik my gig, please). And similar cases where I respond to poster in same language capacity as his post. If I was from XY location I would not be flagged.

And i could also argue regarding remain 25%, but the problem is I can not see how many flags I have that are actually a REAL flags approved by MOD that when piled up will result in ban from forum.

And to add this also. Fiverr seller was trying to get quick money here and his topic was deleted after we proved he is scamming people. Two hours after his topic was deleted my posts from that topic were flagged. So how can someone flag a post on topic that is deleted?

A) being sarcastic in a language not native is an achievement.

B) not sure how posts can be flagged when the thread is deleted. Although, my feeling is that those threads might be moved somewhere we can’t see them, rather than deleted. Which may be how your posts were flagged after we couldn’t see them any more …

If you referring to your replies on this post, the post was flagged by myself, as it contains a gig link on your reply.

Post only get hidden by community flags, Only moderators can delete that.


Yes, thank you.

Now we are making some progress. So, I posted link to a gig from Level 2 seller from which the OP of the topic has stolen the logo designs and images.

So if I have an OP that has stolen images from another seller, how do I link the original source file (since it is under sellers portfolio).

But this problem goes even deeper.

The may 2020 Fiver user Logo designer posted topic here. I discovered his logos are taken from level 2 seler that has been on Fiverr from Mar 2018.
Now the images on Level 2 Mar 2018 seller are also stolen artwork from portfolio of a Indonesian graphic designer and his 2017 portfolio.
So the new seller stole artwork from Level 2 seller, and Level 2 seller stole it from another GD portfolio.

So, at this point we could think that maybe only 1 out of 10000 people selling logos on Fiverr are actually capable of creating unique logos.

You may like to flag them on the main site, there is an option to add gig links as reference.

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Oh, I did that. The moment he tries to convince me it is his own original work I get my flagging mouse ready.

But so far I only discovered new sellers with stolen artwork. Today is the first time I was back traced to Level 2 seller that is selling stolen artwork.

But that is another issue, not related to topic here.

So you flagged my post because I placed link to GIG which is not allowed.

In the light of the “flag environment count number” is this flag that will be noted as FLAG in your book, or will you remember that I was only providing evidence to OP that he has stolen artwork from another seller?

And after I receive a flag that is to my opinion unjustified, or I correct the post, is the original flag still counted as flag? Where can I see my flag numbers and red yellow green bar so I know that I am heading in to danger?

For example, why is this flagged post:

OP: I will shear critic to your GIG.

ME: Please, I would love for you to shear your critic on my GIG and check did I make any maitake their. Thank you.

His post is not flagged, why mine is? It is the same level of English. And he even contacted me in inbox after I was flagged offering very chip critic shear my GIG.

To me the only reason to flag this is that you know that I am fluent in English and obviously making a joke, but if I was not I would not be flagged, so how is that not an discrimination?

When you see bad behavior, don’t reply. It encourages bad behavior by acknowledging it, consumes your energy, and wastes everyone’s time. Just flag it. If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.


Only Moderators & Admins can see the number of your deleted post, flagged posts (number & the posts) & the flags you have given to other users.

We only keep notes on the user when we assign a ban.

Unless serious community guidelines violation, we always send an Official warning to the user before a ban.


I understand this completely, but I would not classify lack of knowledge of proper English as bad behavior.

His offer was legit on very very bad English, and my reply was legit on very very bad English.

So, like I said before, my post was flagged only because people here know that I was making a joke out of heavily broken English, but I did not insulted OP in any way, shape or form. I was really interested in hearing his “critic” of my gig.

Can you send me the reference? Without it, I can’t explain why or how the flag was handled. On each flagged post, you receive a PM from the system, you can invite @moderators on the PM. Any available moderators may check on it, you also can reach Customer Support for further assistance.

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This was more question for the future, like today, when I was flagged for the link, can I respond in my defense, rather then past incidents since I already “did time” for them, makes no point of asking justice for the past if I served sentence.

But I am still interested how were my posts flagged on that seller topic two hours after topic was deleted.

Moderators have reached to OP for further clarification.