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Now I want to start working on Fiverr

Hi, Everyone, How are you, everyone? I am Wahed Nur, Now I am work in Fiverr. My account is old but I do not work before.
Now I want to active on Fiverr. How do I start on Fiverr? Please help me.
I am an expert in web application and web development. Please suggests to me how I can success in Fiverr.

Warm Regards
Wahed Nur


Learn some good English grammar. It will go far.

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Welcome to Fiverr Community. Best wishes. :grinning:

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Thanks for your advice

Thank you. Please give me some advice, How to rank my gig?

Welcome to fiverr forum luck for journey.hope you will share success story

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Thank you so much for your helping

Thank you so much for your help

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I’ve been creating two gigs, But I can not get any response till now. Fiverr show this message “Your Gig analytics are back! View your impressions, clicks, and views. You’ll be able to access your complete analytics data soon.” from tow days. This is a problem?

How can I get the first order?


No, it’s not a problem. It’s an alert about an issue that happened a few months back.

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Thank you for your advice. My Id is old, but I am working new in Fiverr. I create 2 gigs. But I can not understand to rank up on the first page. I don’t know any Fiverr tricks. I try to proper SEO. I believe if I get first order then will no problem. I want real feedback from real customers. Please give me some suggestions and tricks.

Thank you

Read the comments, too, for more.

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Many Many Thanks. Now I have to need to more study to Fiverr.

Welcome to Fiverr Community. Best wishes. :grinning:

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