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Now , I'm a Level 2 seller

I’m very happy today because now i’m a level two seller on fiverr .Its 12 months for today for my fiverr account and i spend 8 months as a level one seller . Definitely it is a awesome experience on fiverr to have that opportunity as a seller . I think my success is fast responding and quality output . I would like to thanks all the people who helped me to achieve this goal as well as this forum . My next goal is to be a top rated seller . I love fiverr and hope to work many more times with fiverr .

Take a look at my page -

anybody can help me .i want to transfer my payment of fiverr to my payoneer account .i attached my master payoneer card to fiverr account .it is still showing this message waiting for issuer approval .15 days before i attached it but after 15 days still it is not approval what it is meaning .i shall be thankfull for your help


LOL… how come you been in fiverr 16 months when you registered fiverr on Jun 2014…

@nirob_19 @mallika255 @drribroshan Thank You all

@ben91280 Thank you and sorry for my mathematical mistake :wink:

Congrats!!! I wish you will be also top rated seller by showing your own creativity, leadership and awesome work… :slight_smile:


Me too on Level 2. :wink:


I’m curious, but did getting level 1, and now, level 2, result in an increase in sales for you? :slight_smile:

Any tips on becoming a Level 2 seller?

@chetanmahore :wink: @annamay my tip is doing my job perfectly to the customer and make them surely buy again my gigs !