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Now I'm frustrated for my gig please help me

When I opened my gig, the page appeared first . But after 5 to 7 days, these gigs are no longer seen in page .Not only that, I couldn’t find my gig on pages 5 to 8 .Now I’m frustrated .Now what I do is my gigs will come out in first pages.Help me please

try to stay online as much as you can
use gig media description and fill out each and every option in your profile nd gig with your best quality work and put it all what you can do in your gig and profile because if there is a option for pdf documents to add in gig. It is there for a reason. So you must avail that and try your best to setup each and everything.
once you have setup your gig then stay online as much s you can and read forums also start to request on offers and complete ten regularly. Then you will start flowing in skme orders and slowly build the momentum.
Y. Ammar


thank you so much…