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Now I'm having Fiverr dreams (not to be confused with fever dreams)

This, in itself, doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, and I’m especially prone to anxiety dreams when starting a new job.

When I worked in a department store, I dreamt about my cash register missing money. The regional manager would appear and tell me to count it down again, but I would lose track halfway through and have to start over. :persevere:

When I worked in a bakery, I dreamt about smudging cupcake frosting… big, thumb-sized smudges in the middle of a customer’s fresh cupcake. The customer would threaten to call the health department which seemed like a valid move in these dreams. :face_vomiting:

When I started working at a residential facility, I dreamt about giving residents the wrong medications or multiple doses of the correct medications which inevitably lead to them being rushed to the hospital. :skull_and_crossbones:

So, yeah, I wasn’t surprised to dream about Fiverr two and a half months after embarking as a seller here. What shocked the :poop: out of me was that it was not an anxiety dream at all. It was a happy dream! There might have been flash mob performing an intricate dance routine. :dancer: :dancer: :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :dancer: :dancer: :man_dancing: :man_dancing:

At this point, I feel obligated to clarify that this was, specifically, a Fiverr FORUM dream. Yes, you lovely people have nestled yourselves into my psyche. :crazy_face: It’s kind of like the forum is a friendly, supportive version of that brain parasite that makes rats want to hang out with cats… I totally mean that as a compliment… You know, like y’all make me want to venture outside my comfort zone and actually interact with strangers in a way that might be productive. Thanks for that. :hugs:

Anybody else have Fiverr dreams? Main site or forum? Anybody??


You’re lucky, for I have only had bad dreams :scream:

Was I there, too? I must have been :dog2: :eyes:

I think most of the “Fiverrians” have had at least a Fiverr- or Forum-related dream at one point in time - here are some of my dreams nightmares:

  • getting so many orders that I can’t cope and they start all running late
  • one forum member buying from me to cancel afterwards
  • getting face to face with a troublesome buyer and… better not tell you how it ended :eyes:
  • getting hacked and losing money a second time
  • having my account blocked/removed by CS without any reason
  • getting my first Late warning (I still have this dream once in a while, for I’ve never had a Late warning in over 7 years #record)

The list keeps on going - you’ll have a lot of dreams throughout the years; whether they’ll be nightmares or not, that’s entirely up to you :eye:


That’s interesting…in my dreams I am still a kid or a teen going to school or college and my dad’s still around, it’s like the last 15-18 years never happened. I just keep getting dreams of my early years. Don’t think I have had even one dream in which I was an adult. So my typical nightmare would be like there’s a “Strength of Materials” exam of my 2nd semester Engineering tomorrow and I haven’t studied at all…


Ha, that’s so interesting - I keep having this regular nightmare that I’m still in college, and I failed the math exam because I had not learned a thing.

The curious thing is that this particular nightmare always makes me wanna grab a math book and learn something when I wake up, it’s like a true passion/desire to learn. The power a dream can have on your life & brain…


I got caught up on the “hacked” part and my brain went with the “to pieces” interpretation at first. :hocho: I was legit horrified for you. But the other kind is definitely stressful too!

This is exactly the kind of dream I would expect for myself. Instead, I got a very pleasant one. Way to throw myself a curve ball :smirk:

Hmmm, that’s interesting! I read a theory recently that posited that dreams function (partially, at least) to prepare you for potential stress in your daily life. Maybe your childhood/teens left you more stressed out than your adulthood? pulls out notepad and fake therapist license


I have that one too! Except it’s usually a science course, and I’m failing because I never showed up for any classes or exams. :fearful:

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True that, that was a stressful time for me. Adulthood has been a breeze, time just seems to fly by :slight_smile:


My book club read Through the Woods by Emily Caroll.

This led to a discussion of why some people fear the woods, which led to a discussion of Big Foot being one of the fears in the woods. :rofl: However, the nightmare I had last night had to do with installing steel coverings over all the doors and windows in my house because otherwise Big Foot would get in at night. :dizzy_face:

What a silly dream.


If you live long enough in the woods, alone, like I have, you won’t be afraid of it anymore :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll be expecting Big Foot to finally have some guests :smiley:

I’m now excited whenever I see a porcupine, a pheasant, a rabbit, a fox, a bat, etc. Still waiting on Big Foot, though :slight_smile:

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I live in a city in the mountains of Montana and visit the woods. I am not a camper so I do not go there at night. However, even though I live in a town of 40,000, moose, deer, bears and even mountain lions wander into town. But I have only had the deer in my yard. I have not heard of Big Foot visiting though. Although a guy in a Big Foot costume got hit by a car while he was walking along the side of a highway. With all the forest fires we had in Montana this summer, I think I would fear them more.


Well, I bet Big Foot saw it all, so there’s no chance for it to come out now, nor ever :eyes: It’s too dangerous out there for it :smiley:


I dream of Fiverr all the time. I have an order which I can’t deliver or I realize in horror that I have just downloaded the entire Internet, put it on a usb stick and lost it.

By and large, however, I’m much happier with such dreams in comparison to the dreams I used to have about being in meetings and suddenly realizing that I have forgotten to put any clothes on. Sometimes, after all, that’s actually how I roll when I work from home.


:slightly_smiling_face: This just came to mind. I recently had a dream where I got an order and this was a period when I barely had requests not to mention orders.:laughing: And funny enough I ended up getting an order that week.:wink:

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That a luck on your side, I rare dream and if I do, I am 1001% sure it will actualize.

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This photo was sent as a reply to me, it’s made by Woofilius.


I will always cherish that photo :smiley:

First, because it reminds me of Fiverr’s sheep background image from the early days. Secondly, because it was actually made by a dear Fiverr friend of mine who isn’t on the forum anymore :frowning: And lastly, because I love sheep!

– and because it’s so me!


Interesting. I don’t remember that photo, it wasn’t here early 2014.

Why don’t you make it into a poster, and then frame it in your office? Whenever you need to deal with anger, or you had one of the dears attack you in your messages, you can always look at it, and start feeling happy again. Okay, maybe now I sound weird. :slight_smile:


I was actually speaking of the 2010-early period :eyes: as in the Fiverr’s children playground era :eyes:

– I think I need to go count some sheep now :zzz:



You need a vacation. A real, get away from 5r and freelancing for at least a week. Those are awful dreams, your mind is telling you something.

I used to have all sorts of embarrassing dreams when I was in college - it comes from fear of failure.

Now I have violent dreams of getting shot at or being in an elevator to nowhere. I wish I knew why I was having these dreams. My job is decent, boring but not too stressful. I make a decent income with good benefits. I should be on :cloud: :nine: - but instead I’m sad every day. When I see the sun shining every morning, I feel like crying. Weird.

Taking vacations doesn’t work for me, hopefully, it will for you.


Oftentimes, I’ll have a dream that I’ve just woken up and the app is dinging me, saying I have 100 new orders :blush:

It’s never happened, though.