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Now I'm having Fiverr dreams (not to be confused with fever dreams)


Once I dreamed twistedweb123 interviewing me. It was for FievrrVidCast. :movie_camera:
later I was watching that episode ,it was so horrible :ghost: that woke me up from sleep.


I really need to take your advice, too, about the vacation… I mean, these 7+ years on Fiverr have made me a little robot, with fried circuit boards and all…

Do you know what my worst nightmare is? It isn’t Fiverr-related, but it started a couple years ago and keeps repeating ever since once in a while:

It’s about me waking up without my sense of hearing, and after panicking I wake up again, and only after the second wake up I really wake up (yup, dream in a dream, and being conscious in my dream about the previous dream)

There was only one occasion that freaked me out, when it was a bit different: I woke up without hearing, to then wake up once more but alone, then woke up a third time in an empty city, and finally woke up for real.

That was the worst it got, dream in a dream in a dream while being conscious at each level of the dreams - my brain was literally exhausted when I had waken up for real, and had difficulty getting back to reality :frowning:

I took sleeping pills for a while after that particular moment, for it messed up with my head quite a bit… I literally thought it would be like a never-ending loop, brain prison or smth…


I had a bad dream once, the first day that I took my driving classes, it was having difficulties driving. I woke up “frozen”, I couldn’t move for two minutes. After talking to my doctor, she said it was due to a stress of driving. Now although I have a drivers license, I am not comfortable to drive, because that dream made me hate cars. :slight_smile:

Luckily, the public transport is good and free for students, so I don’t need to drive.

WOW, my English sucks when I am tired. :sleeping_bed:



Well, I guess it’s that time of the day again for me, too: :zzz:

See you in my dream, just make sure you don’t hit me with your car while I transition from one dream to another - don’t wanna get stuck in there :sweat_smile:


Nope, you won’t dream that, because as of now you know that I hate to drive. :wink:

Although you might have a dream of me yelling at you “Brace yourself, the dears are coming” or just deer as they are the metaphor for dears. And you would wake up all sweaty, and say “Oh dear, it was just a dream”.


I dreamed i had a bad review , i freaked out


@vickiespencer How was the book? I haven’t read it, but since it sparked a conversation about fear of the woods, I’m kinda curious.

@Woofy31 OMG you get to see porcupines? In real life?! I’m so jealous right now.

That sounds like a night terror! I got lost on a Reddit thread about those a couple months ago. They sound horrifying.


Yes, they always end up sneaking around or near the house, my dog finds them and starts a barking scandal with them (she literally barks at them forever if I don’t do something to make the porcupine magically disappear), so I take a pair of thick gloves and a shovel and slowly relocate the porcupine to the other side of the fence :smiley:

They’re so much sweeter than depicted in images and TV, the way they breath is so sweat, and the way they move their big nose, how they get scared by anything… I’m telling you, it’s cuteness overload!

If we’re talking about sleep paralysis, I’ve also had that since I was a little kid - utterly scary every single time! Most of the time I just feel something slowly approaching me from behind, sometimes dragging the blanket off me just a bit to scare the :poop: out of me, and you’re basically half asleep, half awake, which makes the panic and fear so real. I always try to move and scream with my mouth closed.

I always wake up with a pounding heart after those experiences, and can’t get back to sleep anymore that day.

When I was smaller, I actually saw death in that sleep paralysis state, you know, the black hoodie guy/gal, just sitting there at the wall watching me, just friggin watching me (and probably laughing underneath that hoodie) - now THAT was some scary s%$! :grimacing: I still don’t know if any of it was real or not… but I do know that a lot of things went wrong for months after that time, bad luck and bad news kept on coming… :confused:


Even though this is obviously a casual post/thread I feel guilty for getting OT… So, in a pathetic effort to redirect myself:
I would be the happiest person in the whole forum if I could somehow will myself to incorporate a porcupine into a Fiverr dream. Like… maybe have a porcupine buyer? Who’s work I couldn’t edit since I don’t speak the language? It would have to be resolvable because disappointing a porcupine buyer would be a travesty.

:astonished: :heart_eyes:

That’s exactly what I was reading about! Apparently it’s a common occurrence for people who experience sleep paralysis. I’m pretty sure I would die of a heart attack in that situation.


You definitely don’t want a porcupine as a Fiverr buyer, not even in the world of dreams :smiley: Here, let me spoil it for you (hope you don’t get too bad of a nightmare now):



That face says he won’t tolerate any nonsense. :laughing:

AUGH!!! You edited that after lulling me into a sense of adorable complacency. Now I will dream about mutant porcupines leaving 1 star reviews.
#blame :dog2:



Let’s take this in the opposite direction: if you would be able to design your wild Fiverr dreams the way you wanted, what Fiverr dream would you create? come on, don’t go into the superficial dreams, make it crazy and out of this world!

I would create a dream where I get occasional tips from millionaires, all my buyers would be cute puppies/doggies with a keen sense of humor, and I would process orders with the power of my mind without putting any physical effort. :crazy_face:


Oooooh, nice! This will take some thought…

I like yours, except I’d have to modify this somehow:

My dogs find it hilarious to spontaneously bark at nothing as I take a sip of coffee.


Okay, I’ve thought about it.

My most amazeballs Fiverr dream would involve me editing the unreleased but ready-for-print manuscript of The Doors Of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss who, incidentally, is actually a sorcerer-possum that takes human form for the sake of convenience. :star_struck: Errors in the manuscript would be limited to minor typos that I could spot instantly, as if they had been highlighted in advance. Patrick the Sorcerer-Possum would be thrilled my work and, after tipping me extravagantly, would recommend me to his inner circle of legendary writer friends. Also, I would have wings.

Hey! Everyone else reading this thread! What’s your ideal Fiverr dream??


It was real. I’ve had the same guy hanging round for over a year. I’ve even been woken up with it stood in the corner saying ‘serve me.’ Also, things do constantly go wrong once you have it in your life. In my last apartment, it seemed to hang around the bathroom and front door area. The result was broken locks, door handles, and toilet flushes. Now I live in a brand new apartment and I’ve been flooded twice from the bathroom and have had the front door handle break in exactly the same way it did in my last place.

Your false awakenings are likely being caused by this thing trying to trick you into communicating with it. I say this as I have the same which always feature a creature or person which shouldn’t be there. I wake up, I take my dog out, and everything is normal until some evil midget in a devil mask starts appearing everywhere or a random person comes up and starts grinning at me. I will then realize whats happening, wake up, do it all again, wake up, etc…

The good news is that you can fully control these experiences and stop them by will and prayer. What is more, if you are not getting full manifestations of a shadow figure or it speaking, it is likely aware that if you become conscious of it you will exercise your authority over it and kick its ethereal ass. In this case, it’s likely using your deafness and false awakening experiences to eek out the fear it needs to feed off without putting itself at risk. Next time this happens, you might subsequently want to try treating the experience like you would a home intrusion and send it on its way.


The book was a graphic novel. If the readers did not also look at the pictures they would miss a lot. If you like scary stories you would enjoy it. ( I am more of a fantasy fan.) However, some of the ladies at the meeting said they had to read it during the day because they feared bad dreams. My book club is a mixed group of men and women, young and old that meets at a local brewery and enjoy beer as we discuss.

And BTW I see porcupines too. Mostly road kill at the side of the road.


I often dream about things that I’ve experienced during the day. Do same things or visit same places. Fiverr is one of these. Once I even dreamed that I received unnaturally many orders suddenly, and on the next day I did. That was a bit creepy :thinking:


This thread caused it: I had one of those stress dreams last night. A potential buyer messaged me to explain a fictional bad review because it made them wary of purchasing. But, I also dreamt I was at the dentist’s office and he doubled as a baker of delicious cakes, so I woke up okay :blush: