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Now it always be like this?

After i reached “level one” my buyer request looks strange.
172 requests, all have old date.
This is normal?
I refreshed it, restarted browser, nothing help

RIP buyer request page
And i guess there no meaning to send offers to old date requests

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Yes, it is normal. I have buyer requests from months ago. Fiverr does not delete the od ones for some reason. I only make offers on the newly posted ones.

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The Requests that are accepted by buyers or if they order specific gig which they like, those requests are removed.

Check buyer requests section after every 2 or 3 hours you will definitely found new requests and then make offer.

Don’t worry! give your best.

Best of luck! :+1: :sunflower:

I have seen where Buyer Requests I have made offers on, been chosen to do the job and completed the job still remain in buyers requests.

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Yes pleas make sure your time when buyer request update then send your request