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Now I've got a seller who's harassing me for a tip!


I have reported her (him actually) twice, sent an email to Fiverr’s legal team, and blocked him twice, and this mf is still harassing me about a tip on a job that he did a TERRIBLE job!

Has anyone else had this problem?


What did the Fiverr Support say? Did you review him? Warn him that you have reported him and if he continued doing this, his account will be banned for good.

Never heard of someone that desperate for Tip. :rolling_eyes:

P.S on a light note, Send him this. :hibiscus:


I told him that I had reported him and I still haven’t gotten word back from Fiverr support.

Seriously, this dude has lost the plot. Anyway, Fiverr has forever lost my business, because this has been an insane experience.

I cannot believe this dude is going so crazy over a tip for some trash work.


Well I am sorry for your bad experience but trust me, not all sellers are same. There are some really outstanding sellers on Fiverr with thousands of 5 star reviews which shows the satisfaction of buyers.
Better Luck Next time. :four_leaf_clover:


Please don’t blame Fiverr for the actions of one terrible seller. Fiverr is not at fault here… your terrible seller demanding an unearned tip is.


I know that you’re right. I’m just so upset that Fiverr hasn’t done anything about him. The blocking feature doesn’t work apparently, because he’s still able to contact me. Ugh…I’m just at my end with all this.

Anyway, I have a friend doing the logo now. I should’ve asked him at the beginning of this, as he needs the money.

Oh well. You live and you learn.


It’s horrible for you! You have my sympathy. Most sellers are not like this.

edit: the op’s account is gone.