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Now My gig has no orders

I have 3 gigs. I did 10 orders from one of my gigs in one and half month. but now I have no orders again. I don’t know why.


Same problem…

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but I did 10 order with 5stars.

Make sure that you provide exceptionally good quality and service on your first few orders. Once you get beyond your “new” seller status you will need to rely on reviews to keep the on-site traffic up. And in all cases promote yourself off of Fiverr. Drive your own traffic to your own gigs.


Why would the seller want to do that when they’ve already successfully had orders?

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but I did 10 orders with 5stars. how do I get good traffic to my gigs. I’m learning abut that these days. but I still don’t know how. if you can tell me what are the good tools for traffics.
I appreciate that .

now I have no orders at all. and I also use buyer request all day.

It is just matter of patience. You should not reduce your price or change anything drastically if what you have gave you this momentum.
Logo market is over saturated with both skilled and unskilled sellers and it is hard to get orders in that field.
Economy is still recovering slowly and all we have to do is “survive” until things get better and be patient.

I hope you have additional options for income. Either way, you should never count exclusively on Fiverr for financial support. The market is not stable enough for that.

Take care.


thank you my friend your support.

thank you so much my friend. no I did’t change anything. your advise worth me. thank you.

I would not recommend any software but if you are looking for website traffic then I suggest you not to buy chinese tool, publishing on 2001. Because it’s not working.Never buy fake traffic tools and traffic tools that are not show on Google analytic.

I’m new here and still learning. Best wishes for you.:innocent:

then what should I do ?

ok, thank you my friend

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You are welcome.
It is pleasure to meet you😇

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you too. thank you much.

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Precise and detailed… :grinning:


for what it’s worth your work look really good

i think you’ll do absolutely fine. maybe you could offer an additional gig that involves graphic design, like book covers or record labels or something? whenever i see an add for fiverr on youtube, it’s always for logos, so i think that’s what allot of new sellers go for whether they can do it or not. consequently, fiverr is to logos as the atari 2600 was to games. allot of those ended up being sold for a fiver and all

i reckon you’ll come out on top though, so keep up the good work

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I am a logo designer. and I came to fiverr desember on 2019. and I couldn’t get oders. but I made a new gig. then I had been come 10 orders in one and half month. but now I have no oders.

thank you my friend. your idea is correct. I’ll do so. thank you so much.