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Now search is all mess up

Gigs with zero or 2 - 3 orders are at the top of “best selling”…wonder what the developers are up to.

well according to support, they’re doing something to the search algorithm and testing

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It has happened many times before. They’re probably just testing some stuff.

this new search algo is definitely not placing all the best sellers at the top and i feel it purposely suppress the real best selling ones to do their “ad” testing and they’re doing it at the demise of good long time hardworking sellers. My gig has over 11450 reviews with 5* status and has always been in the top 2 rows of best selling. Then out of the blue, 2 days ago it dropped to 7th - 8th row. And the same thing happened to my competitor with over 9000 reviews with 5* status. Its sad how fiverr treats their long time sellers who helped their platform rose to where it is today.

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