Now that I am a Level 2 Seller, What is Different?


Meaning… what extra features do I get access to?

On the ‘Levels’ page, it states "You’ll automatically be promoted to Level 2, unlocking advanced sales tools to further expand your services and increase your sales."

But, what are these advanced sales tools that will further expand my services and increase my sales?

I already had access to gig extras at level 1. So, what’s new? :slight_smile:


We get Priority Support as a Level 2 perk. I wonder what the Top Ranked Sellers get…


Reply to @adnagam: Yes, I’m aware of the priority support. But, what about the “advanced sales tools”?


You can add Extras valued at 10, 20 and 40, plus get priority support. Fiverr’s support has always been really fast and high quality, so getting higher priority is a huge plus!


I love having priority support and 20 and 40 dollar gig extras aren’t too shabby…love it. I wish I was a TRS but I like level 2.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: I can’t think of anything I could offer worth an extra $20 or $40! LOL!


Now you can offer extras for your gig, from $5 to $40. It is much better to get more money.


Yes, it’s certainly good to have more options to develop out your gigs. I’m looking forward to making Level 2. I can tweak a little bit just to make things better.

Congrats again!


then i fuess it’s time to get creative!


Reply to @prohelper27:

Think of something new, crazy things. Its fiverr, you can do a lot crazy things

And congrats on getting to 2nd Level!!!


I think you also get to add more extras than you do at level 1.


Give it time you will find something to sell :wink:


I’m loving level 2! Just the achievement is enough for me.


Was just promoted to Level 2 a few days ago! Purple is my favorite color :slight_smile:

I’m also trying to figure out what else I could sell, but I’m with Antonio… just having that Level 2 stamp on my profile is pretty awesome!