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Now that mutual cancellations no longer effect rating and levels, how will YOU now handle orders?


I saw that the decision makers at Fiverr have finally started listening to us about mutual cancellations.

I’d like to ask everyone what changes they will make to:

  1. Handling orders
  2. Working with buyers who do not read gig descriptions
  3. their own gig order policies.



This is good thing… it closed the loophole that has been with fiverr for so long… As in terms of handling, i will keep doing what i am doing, and will not change the way of handling orders.


I won’t make any changes in how I do business. However I’ll feel more comfortable if put in a situation of cancelling an order with a difficult buyer.


It’s not going to change the way I handle orders, except for I won’t worry as much if I need to ask for a cancellation. I only ask when the buyer hasn’t read the gig description, asked for something more, or covers a topic that I can’t/won’t do. That’s the way it’s always been, and the way it will stay.


I still want to make money so I will handle each situation with that intent. However, I feel like I don’t have to walk on egg shells when involved in difficult situations.

I also want to say hear hear for repeating this problem over and over on the forum. I know how many harp about repeated posts but if there were not so many posts repeated on this subject I doubt it would of gotten Fiverr’s attention.


I guess it’s much better now, because I had a lot of experience with customers that do not read gig descriptions :/.

I do not feel so bad now when we are canceling I guess :slight_smile:


How could I forgot this. It just happen again. A buyer contacts me about a gig that is more than just a $5 gig. I tell them the price and how to order. Usually my ordering instructions includes a GIG EXTRA which gives me more time to do the gig.

Some clients will instead order multiple gigs which does not add any extra time for me to do a complex gig. In the past I was reluctant to cancel. Now when they don’t follow instructions, I won’t be so reluctant to cancel the gig and ask them if they would please order the gig according to the instructions I provided.


Great relief for me. In my gig I am offering to create a website. This is something which can’t be done in 5$, and in my gig I have clearly mentioned that “Please message before ordering” but some people still make order of 5$ without consulting and expect me to deliver a website. It happened many times. I have a cancellation ratio of 20%.

This is really a great news for me.


I’ll probably be a lot more lax. I used to stress over those $5 orders from time to time worrying that every mutual cancellation may make me lose my levels. Now it’s a case of those buyers I either just don’t want to deal with due to insane requests, or simply don’t want to deal with as I could already tell by their initial order message they will be a hassle buyer. The fact that most buyers don’t read beyond the title of a gig will help me greatly knowing I can cancel without risk to my account anymore. Only issue is… is this going to be buggy like vacation mode? I don’t want to inflate cancellations, lose my levels and try to explain it to CS and they will be like. “We don’t know what you’re talking about.”(Happened before with my levels in regards to a totally different issue where-as I had to contact another CS rep who actually understood my issue.)

Reply to @vivekjamwal91: Changing your gig title from “create static html website” to “create static html page” might be a bit more clear, and may reduce those cancellations, no?


I’m fairly new on Fiverr and this is great news. I’m happy that this is in effect. I just had a mutual cancellation because my buyer and I worked out a new plan. I have a few ideas for future gigs that I think are really great but I cannot start them for a few months. This really seems to improve my chances of keeping a good rating with my buyers and make my gigs more attractive.


Reply to @freelancemm: Thank you very much. I will definitely consider this. I guess this will probably help.


Be it with or without this new adjustment to the cancellation, I will still work closely with all my buyers, even those who did not read my details well. Most of the time after I explained to them that my work does not cost only $5, they gladly accepted it and purchased from me.

So I believe it makes no different to me. But nevertheless, it a good move.