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Now that's a "project"

Oh hello, it’s been a while. Beware, everyone, facebook Message Requests crowd is running amok.

I hope this kind of behaviour is good enough ground to ban an account but who knows.



I just don’t get why people do this.

Maybe just reply by saying that there isn’t that much to work with?


That’s a good one. :slight_smile: I wish a could come up with something witty on the spot. My go-to strategy is mumbling something about ToS violations.

Regarding the why, I think it’s a disfunction of sorts. They get gratification from tricking you into seeing it in a similar way exhibitionists do. So I try not to acknowledge the thing in direct communication if I can help it.

Personally, I would just reply “I am not a good fit for you.”


I’d go with that but some people immediately want to go the “but why” route.

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I get gratification from cuddling my dog on the sofa and watching Star Trek. The rest of the world is just insane as far as I’m concerned…


One sent me messages while having a nude profile picture.

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You win. And here I am getting all scandalised over a semi-polite discussion.

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To be fair, everyone’s face is naked. Or did things get too risque below the neckline?

Also, how risque are we talking? Was there a flash of chest hair? Or was it full-blown dangly bits?

Full frontal total body

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Well he’s got that going for him at least


One of my past customers was an erotic writer and she wrote a new novel. She then sent me her naked body photos in multiple positions and said me to create a book cover from those pictures. I am like what?? I was thinking in my mind that you will break multiple website’s terms at the same time. I refused to do the work btw.


Seems more of a pickup than a GIG lol. Just block the guy, I wouldn’t say doing photoshop over nudity is unethical, but the guy can first ask if there’s any help for it and the seller would want to help out and then send the picture.

I’d suggest reporting him.

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*cough cough cough * HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

OK…time to calm down.
Dang, I really wish I could come up with smart lines like that…seriously!!
Cheers to you. :champagne::champagne::champagne: