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Now to climb back up from COVID

With the 60-day review stats used by Fiverr, being out due to COVID hurt. Now it’s time to put the past behind me and start my climb back up the mountain. With a few cancellations at the start of my COVID drama and only a few new gigs in recent weeks, my Fiverr review numbers took a hit.


It’s a new day and I have my health, so it’s time to get back to work and make the next 60 days my best. I wish the best to all of you and a great finish to 2021!

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Good luck to you too! Hopefully with the constantly rising trend of internet usage, plus the influx of new Fiverr users due to fiverr advertisements (I started noticing more after I joined Fiverr) that we’ll all have more success. Best wishes to you too friend.

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Welcome to come in Fiverr job. Wish you get your rank back and get a good work be patient and do your work fluently.

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