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Now we can ask buyer to change their review from 'Resolve Now' button. Good Move


Now we can ask buyer to change their review from ‘Resolve Now’ button. Good Move.




Why confused? Earlier, we had to ask buyer to contact customer support to change their review. But now we can directly contact buyer to change the review.

I hope i made it clear ! :slight_smile:


Is this what you are referring to??


Did not know that. Neat option


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It made me look so mission accomplished.


Yes, talking about the same. If buyer have posted negative review, but you delivered the revision what he/she wanted and he was completely satisfied, this is the option. We can ask them to change their review through resolution.


I completed an order with 7 revosion.
but buyer was not satisfied till then. and suddenly she left a bad feedback for me.

I told her to give me clear instruction and I redesign her website from the very bigining.
she loved it.
and “resolve now” button helped me to change the review immediately. :slight_smile:


yes but you can be blocked for doing this according to the new rules , i got a warning with the FIRST time i requested this, unreal

you can see this on the site:

Note: Requesting feedback revisions are limited. Repeatedly using this option may cause your account to be blocked.


Owww !! Thanks for sharing !