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Now what did they do?

Until today, when making an offer in response to a Buyer’s Request, I was able to choose from any of my gigs that seemed appropriate to the request. Now it only allows me to use a gig that is selected by Fiverr’s amateurish software. I know that this was an issue when V2 was released but I thought it had been fixed. They must have thought that their seller’s weren’t smart enough to decide what was the best choice.

Reply to @madmoo: That would work but, apparently, never having been awarded a level, I see no way to communicate with the requester. Submit an Offer and nothing else happens. The buyer requesting the gig is never identified and there is no way to communicate with that buyer unless he/she responds to your offer. So how do you explain that the gig that Fiverr selected is not the one you can really perform for that buyer.

The longer I remain here, the lesser I think of Fiverr, it’s policies and it’s infrastructure.


I here you!

Reply to @ricksper: If you go into your inbox, you will receive the message that was sent to the requester. You can then send a follow-up message about the right gig for the request.

Reply to @kjblynx: ,Reply to @aingham69: Thanks for the Inbox clue. Makes it possible to explain matters.

But it’s just another example of what I was complaining about. I have never received a notification about mail arriving in my Inbox and have never opened it before now because I was not aware of the existance of any items there.

I’m not sure the function is even working. I have put in 5 requests over the past few days including today (and had same problem @ricksper commented on).

Also the count remains the same… and shows the most recent date as October 8th. That’s not right.

CS says they’re looking into it.


Hey! A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to earn a living! Nice catch!

On the same day, I did that narration for a masculine hygiene product, and a biblical reading as Saint Paul. :wink:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Great job on ToppCock! Very professional and fast delivery, such a pleasure to work with you!

My Buyer Requests haven’t worked at all in over a month, have informed CS of this problem even sent them screen shots to no avail. I have sent this problem to them a few times and still no response, I don’t think they work here anymore??? As I haven’t had answers to my questions for at least a month.