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Now what is this?

You know what, fiverr, it’s a bit much. I have long ago made peace with the fact that me being comfortable in any way on this platform is not your top priority. But I fail to see how rushing me and guilt-tripping me can be productive.

I’m having dinner with my family right now. I’ve received a very vague revision request from a buyer who is slow to respond. 2 days after I’ve delivered the files. I can’t wait these 3 hours to turn into days come morning to make me feel even better if I dare to request any clarifications regarding those revisions from them.

No, they are not “waiting for an update” that is so urgent that you had to put a separate countdown on it. They’ve just requested a revision, they were vague and they are not in a hurry.

This site has a very strange view on what motivation is, that’s for sure.


Maybe that is just a test they are doing.


I thought I was the only one!

I seems like scheduled maintenance was really a schedule for Fiverr to get more on sellers’ asses - needlessly, naturally.

I honestly can’t believe they rolled this out and rolled back legible fonts…

I also have one of these notices right now on an order I’m purposefully ignoring. The buyer keeps trying to get me chat off-Fiverr, He’s already been told no. However, now he has taken to sending Google Drive links which I need to request access to in order to see the buyers next work brief. - He’s doing that so he can see my email.

I’m simply not replying or responding because the underhandedness pees me off. 1 the buyer must think I’m a moron and 2, I already told them why I would not be risking my entire Fiverr account to give them my email address. - And now Fiverr is telling me off for that.

More :poop: ideas from a :poop: dev team with a long history now of making needless changes to crank up seller stress levels.

What on Earth ever happened to if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?


If they want to repel professionals and attract desperate sellers, this is probably a good way to do that…

This is gross.


I think these things are due to having irresponsible sellers, to try to whip them into line.


You can only be an responsible seller for 60-days at most until you are demoted or get banned for doing something grievously irresponsible. Neither do most freelancers freelance so they can be whipped into line.

I’m seeing this new ‘feature’ as the result of a middle manager or dev just seeing what sticks to the wall. It will die eventually like available now and manually completing orders did because its a rubbish, un-thought out idea.

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I agree, I would imagine that’s the reason however the way to get and keep good sellers is not by treating them all like mek-sellers. This happens in places like McDonalds, where staff will suddenly all have to adhere to a stupid new rule because someone in another country/city/branch did something stupid.


If the majority of sellers are like what we experience on the forum it’s quite understandable.

I doubt if they are but … there might be a sizable number. I don’t mean to besmirch all sellers, I just don’t have time right now to try to put it into a more sensitive wording.

I mean there are newer sellers joining by the thousands every day who might not be as responsible as they should be.

I can appreciate the situation from fiverr’s point of view. Here they are, with all these new sellers joining every day. They probably get a sizable number of complaints from buyers who have problems so they look for ways to address what they see as a major problem with sellers who are missing deadlines.

They probably have a team dedicated to trying to find ways to get sellers to do what they are supposed to do, so that overall buyer experiences go well.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they messed up with your search rank based on how fast you answer to that update.

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Sure, sure.

(20 symbols)

That’s exactly the issue I have with this.

Plus, it’s misleading and kind of irresponsible to imply someone has been waiting for an update for hours when they weren’t. Half of my revision requests end “… but I’ll send it tomorrow”. So I’m the one waiting for an update, not the buyer.

If this update is not purely cosmetic but, in fact, hints that a lightning fast response is what fiverr would like, what makes them think they can decide how much time a revision takes me? Or what is the acceptable response time in any given situation. Or if the buyer needs fast response at all. Meh.


We’ve had a few of these, and we noticed that all of ours were linked to the buyer’s last message or reply ending in a question mark.

Like @humanissocial said, it is gross, and we ignore 90% of this stuff. We put it in the same pile as those messages that say “this is xyz’s first experience of Fiverr, make sure it’s a good one!” or whatever the phrase is. We pride ourselves in offering a high level of customer service to all our customers, new and old, we’re not going to bend over backwards just because someone’s buying for the first time.

What annoys me is a simple algorithm could switch this stuff off for certain sellers. Terrible analogy I know, but it’s a bit like playing a videogame for the first time. In the first level, you put all of the guides and hints on to help the player learn what to do. But once they get past that first level, you assume that they know what they’re doing, and you shouldn’t need to prod and poke them every step of the way.

Or in a job, where your first week is your induction with your boss, but then once you’ve passed probation, you’re trusted to be able to run things without a boss leaning over your shoulder saying “I just heard your new email notification - don’t forget to respond to it in a timely manner…”

It’s 2019, and there’s absolutely no reason why Fiverr couldn’t tailor their messaging based on seller experience and feedback.


I got that too, saw it right as I wanted to log out and go to bed. Which I did, of course. And it was absolutely not urgent, something that wasn’t as much a revision request but basically asking for me to be nice enough to help out with an aspect that wasn’t linked to the quality of my delivery or anything the like, and no way that that customer was waiting for a response about that since an hour and getting impatient, you are making assumptions here, dear Fiverr.


Interesting. Mine wasn’t. But revision was requested 2 days after the initial delivery (so pretty close to the order autocompleting).

I hope there isn’t anything a buyer can click now to make this message appear. Because do we really want buyers to set acceptable/unacceptable timeframe for revisions in any given case? People want 40% of the delivery to be completely remade in 20 minutes and call it “minor tweaks”.


I have no doubt this will be in the pipeline. What annoys me is how increasingly invasive Fiverr is becoming. Fiverr throws sellers under the bus by throwing gigs to the last search pages and the official line is, "you shouldn’t depend on Fiverr for your income, you need to diversify."

However, at the same time, Fiverr makes just using Fiverr more needlessly time intensive. My response rate is 100%. This new feature demands that even though this is the case, I now follow up tens of other messages that don’t even need responding to.

All of this, of course, is in the name of customer service. However, this is bit rich from a company that can take 2-days to reply to queries and has a habit of misinterpreting queries and sending useless canned responses.

If I ran my business like Fiverr, I’d never get any orders. The disconnect isn’t so much of a disconnect as it is two live electricity cables in a hurricane that someone is trying to patch together with sellotape.


Right, it is so easy for them to segment instead of painting us all with the same brush.

The policing is totally unnecessary.

Revising the delivery within an hour doesn’t appear to help, btw.


That’s seriously bad, are you going to ask customer support?

It seem to have stuck on 1 hr for 4-5 hours, then the buyer marked the order as complete. I’m going to consider it a bug unless it happens again.


I’ve had these a few times - I’ve been ignoring them, honestly, as it’s just been for a few buyers who’ve left messages that I don’t need to respond to. Some clarifications, responses which don’t require a reply, etc. It seems like a pretty redundant feature.

Also, as far as I’m aware it’s a count UP, not a countdown or anything - it just shows how long people have been waiting since their last message.