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Nude art on fiverr


Hi, i receive a few request recently for nude art . (Not pornographic or vulgar ). I just want to now if i can accept such type of gigs on Fiverr.
Thank you!


Contact support and ask whether you can accept the job.

Best of luck.


You probably can, but don’t use it as a portfolio sample. Instead deliver the art without the delivery button, and then click “deliver now” or the other way around.

There are people doing erotic book covers, those are rarely fully nude.

The things that get you in trouble with Fiverr are usually third party complains. Wilbert gets paid to write and post book reviews, Amazon complains, Wilbert’s gig is deleted.

If it’s nude art, your seller is not going to post “Made by Catavic on Fiverr” in the picture, so there’s no way of it getting back to you.

The most he’ll do is tell his friends that Catavic is great for nude art.


I guess he can… it’s more of a personal decision… CS has a lot other things to do :smiley:


That’s not true, Fiverr does not allow certain types of services listed on Fiverr.

hence the reason I added: [quote=“thecreativeguys, post:2, topic:150558”]
Contact support and ask whether you can accept the job.


Terms Of Service refresher attached:

Highlight: “Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene”

Link to learn: HERE


I asked Fiverr support about this so i have my answer. You can draw nude as long the private parts are covered .!


Well then, that’s not really nude art, now, is it? :wink: