NUDGE NUDGE (15 char)


This is the first time I had to nudge a buyer, and I honestly feel bad for doing so now. The auto message that comes up when you nudge is so unprofessional and even somewhat rude. Imagine paying money for someone to help you with someone and the response you get is “NUDGE NUDGE!!!”

Like excuuse me, princess.

Please consider something less obnoxious.


It’s been brought up so many times and have personally never used it because of the message it sends.

I don’t see the purpose of it. Writing a better crafted message works better for me.


I didn’t know it said what it did or I’d have never used it :cry:


Try a quick forum search :wink:


I’ve never been nudged before on 5r, but if I were to get that it would be puzzling.

You’re right, it does need to change to something more professional.


Before neduge you must send message to him or her.