Nudging isnt working (how long do we wait?)


I have had a few incomplete orders for a while now. One is at least 11 months old can we please cancel orders that do not submit information after a period of time??

Is this hurting my stats?


You should cancel the order immediately.


If buyer does not respond on nudge after 3 days, I simply cancel that order as Fiverr made it so you dont get “canceled order” in your statistics :slight_smile:


I have a few from a year ago or more. I ignore them.


perfect thank you I found where to cancel =)
now my todo list wont be cluttered =)
what do you do on Fiverr?


Reply to @misscrystal: how did you achieve top seller status?


Reply to @webchief: thank you =)


Reply to @ilovenish: I am going to start doing that as well i was just unsure if it would affect my ratings