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Nulled and pirate php script selling on fiverr

Hi there, i saw some sellers selling cracked and nulled php script here on fiverr. Whats the TOS tells about it? Doesn’t it go Against TOS policy.
Other day i Have chatted with two sellers, they showed me demo of a PHP script selling on themeforest. Which original price is 100$ but they are selling it for 40$ and refuses to give license code . Then i reported them and told fiverr support about it they said its legit and they didn’t take any action. Does that mean anyone can sell anything here???


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Do a search for license/copyright etc. on the Terms of Service page.

Also see this page: Prohibited Services - Fiverr's Community Standards

One thing that is prohibited is

Services involving hacked or cracked software products (themes, templates, etc).

Also it says:

Do not post, offer, or ask for services that infringe third parties’ terms of service.

So I assume it would be against the copyright bit or against the third party’s terms of service bit of Fiverr’s Terms of Service if they’re selling stuff they don’t have the rights to sell in the way they are (without the right license).

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Then why they didn’t take any action. I told them check the conversation anfmd gave them all necessary proof. Still they said gig is legit.

I needed a service, i went to them they said they Don’t take custom order only they will provide the pre made script.

I don’t know. It might depend on the CS person who answers the ticket. If you’re sure what the seller is doing is against the TOS (eg. against copyright law etc.) you could use the “report gig” option near the top of the gig page or maybe ask to escalate the ticket/ask to speak to a different support person. Though I think the “report” option on the gig, if you report it for copyright, has to be done by the person who owns the copyright so that’s probably not the best way, maybe the support ticket way is the best way.