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Number of Buyer Requests Seems Low

FULL DISCLOSURE: This may just be because of the gig categories that I have or a change to the way Fiverr works that I am unaware of, but I wanted to bring light to this situation to see if anybody knew the answer.

Recently (ever since I started back on Fiverr about a month ago), I realized that the amount of buyer request seems to have dropped significantly. I remember always seeing an average of up to 200-400 at any given time when I first started out, but now it never passes 50. If this was a part of an update or something please let me know, it’s no big deal but I just want to make sure there isn’t something wrong with mine specifically.

(once again-- I understand that it could just be that the category I am involved in may not have that many buyer requests for me to search through, I just wanted to check and see if this was a trend or something that I am unaware of).


From what I have heard, new sellers get to see less BRs.
When you were here before you were Level 2 so you saw them all back then.
I don’t know if that is a new development or when it began but I have definitely seen others complaining about it. It seems strange though, can anyone confirm this or give their experience?

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I started about two months ago and I noticed the drop of the number of requests since January.
I see less requests that last longer.

Before Christmas a request could receive fifteen offers in a couple of minutes, leaving little time to react.
Currently the requests stay for a longer time, leaving enough time to reply properly.
I think that Fiverr changed the "broadcast speed”.

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I agree with Braden, I think there are less current Buyer Requests. I am a Lv1 and although I see 400, I only apply to those that are current. (Some go back months.)

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Now I’m actually starting to think that something is VERY wrong with buyer requests. I have gotten 2 new ones today, there’s one from a week ago, one from October 2016 was even thrown in the middle, and then four more from weeks ago. Like before, this could be because I haven’t reached level one-- but I mean, only eight buyer requests? That can’t be right…

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Some have said they do not see any. :neutral_face:

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