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Number of concepts in Logo Design


I offer 3 concepts for my premium package and have clearly mentioned it that it means 3 logo proposals and outside fiverr in real world the process is you provide an agreed upon number of proposals and then a suitable draft is selected out of the proposals and then there are weeks and weeks of modifications and changes after which the final draft is approved but here on fiverr people order the premium package and after all the tiresome process (after the draft is finalized) and when i am about to deliver the final draft along with the files the buyers argue that they have bought three concepts and now want three logos for their company ( i mean why???) then again when i tell them nicely regarding this they force me that they would like to have 3 concepts … Is there any clarification on this issue somewhere on the forum … and the problem is not with the 3 concepts the problem is that they want all the stationary as well for all the concepts …


Some people have hard time understanding what a concept means.
I would recommend adding examples to your portfolio.

For example, you can upload an image that shows 3 concepts at the top in sketch format and under it you will have just 1 finished logo. Like an infographic that shows the process.

Something like this. It’s the same logo in 3 different versions.
Since you’re a designer you can obviously make it look better, but to give you an idea what users might understand better.


In addition to what @uxreview said, you can add the explanation to your FAQ. Something like: “Do I get 3 logos if I buy the premium package? No, you get 3 concepts to choose from, and I’ll make the logo based on the concept you like best.”