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Number of days for leaving review on Auto completed order

Hey everyone,

I searched on the forum but got mixed answers, maybe due to a policy change.

Please confirm the following as per the latest policy:

  1. Can a buyer review an auto-completed order?

  2. If yes, till how many days can a buyer leave a review on an auto-completed order?

Thanks in advance !! :slight_smile:

Hi there

I can’t say for sure, but I think buyers have 10 days to leave reviews after auto-completing orders.


It is 10 days, the buyer has 10 days to leave a review. sorry, i think it was 7.

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“Users are allowed to leave reviews on orders up to 10 days after an order is marked as complete. No new reviews may be added to an order after 10 days.”

The above is from the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.