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Number of Favorites dropped to 0 all of the sudden

Hey Guys,

Have you experienced a drop in your Favorites recently?

I have seen a drop from 12 to 0 for this gig :

Same for this Gig of ours :

Can anyone please update if Fiverr is updating or there might be something else?

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Yes, In my gig also Favourites is 0.

I believe its a bug… It is happening all of the sudden :frowning: Please update if you get any idea :slight_smile:

Yes, All are facing this issue.
Ok, Sure i will update

Thank God … I am not alone :slight_smile: … I shall also put in a customer care request for the same :slight_smile:

Yep… It has happened to me, too… :astonished: They’ll probably get it sorted out soon enough :slight_smile: