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Number of Gigs Per Account

Why limit the number of gigs per account to 20? I find I have to delete a less popular gig if I want to add a new gig as I have all 20 spaces filled. Can’t see the point in limiting the number of gigs myself.

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I think the reason they limit them is so the site is not overwhelmed with defunt gigs, not sure a seller could keep up with moire than 20 gigs but that is just my opinion

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Reply to @tn5rr2012: Yea even 20 sounds like a lot to me. I guess depending on what kind of product or service you are providing. I only have 1 real gig and making many different types for what I do would be somewhat silly.

I’m sure it is in place to limit people who abuse the system.

I wasn’t aware there was a limit… good to know. I just hit “15”

Reply to adnagam: which you know some people would do, I think it should be an option

Reply to @adnagam: What do you mean by abuse the system. I have more than 1 Fiverr account and so have 40 gigs on the go. Just had to delete one today to accomodate another one. And before you say it, I would not need 2 accounts if Fiverr allowed more gigs per account. Someone said they could not keep up with the number of gigs. It is no problem to me.

Reply to @chivvy: When I talked to Fiverr support about the 20 gig limit, I received the following "Thank you for your inquiries. 20 gigs is currently the limit of gigs a seller may have active at a given time. Please note that users are permitted only one account on Fiverr."

Did they change the policy to allow more than one account?

The 20 gig limit is a real pain for me. I have 32 niche videos that I personalize, but I can only have 20 of them listed at any given time.

I created my accounts a couple of years ago so maybe before they cracked down. Have sold loads on account 1 $5000+ and zilch on account 2 lol.

I see they gave you facts but absolutely no reason why there is a 20 gig limit. They must be losing millions in sales due to people not being able to list more than 20 gigs!

I don’t think I could keep up with more than one gig but then my gig is very research oriented and keeps me busy

Wow didn’t know Fiverr limits gigs. All I really do is voice over and arts and crafts so I think it would take me a while to think of 20 unique gigs to offer. Hope your issue gets resolved soon xoxo

Oh gee I feel the same too… I just stumbled upon your thread after I just created a new one on same topic :frowning: Grr… I was really feeling the need to have unlimited or atleast more gigs (maybe for higher level sellers, atleast!)…

Ok but as I said before, Fiverr shoot themselves in the foot by limiting the number of gigs as they must be losing thousands of dollars in commissions for all the gigs that can’t be listed. If they allow unlimited gigs or say up to 100 max, no-one would ever need to open another account (except they would for 1 Warrior forum thing I bought but didn’t pursue lol).

Im think limit is for stop the spam. Many new user has open 10-20 gig in her first day. Many of then is just a SPAM!

This is my suggestions:

new user 15 gigs

level1 30 gigs

level2 50 gigs

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Personally, I think 20 gigs is more than enough. In your case you could combine all the informative gigs you offer into one gig which would give you much more space.

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Reply to @lea_fr: I like that a Tier system for rated sellers

I wouldn’t be able to handle more than 20 - I’m struggling to handle the ones that I do have! This is where levels become useful with the gig extras. Instead of creating extra gigs, the extras are used instead and this means fewer gigs.

Even 20 gigs are quite a lot. So having more than 20 gigs will make your profile more crowdy.

I guess we are at the higher end of the luxuries of Fiverr. I’m quite happy with how many gigs we currently can put up.

Remember you don’t want to dilute your products to much!

I would LOVE to be able to have more than 20… I don’t like having to cancel a gig to create a new one. I also like to have holiday gigs but I can’t keep them up after the holiday is over because I need the space. Some people might like to order a Valentines day gig for a sweet heart in July or December but I have to take them down to make room for new ones. I really hate taking down gigs that sell when I come up with an idea for a new one.

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