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Number of sales dropping


Hi guys,
I’ve been on Fiverr for more than a year now, and I’ve been doing great, specially on the first months of 2017. I was really swamped with orders, and had to work about 12 hours a day, even on weekends. I started having some health issues because of that, so I decided I’d start limiting my orders and going on vacation mode during the weekends.
That worked for a while, I was still getting enough orders to make ends meet. But these last weeks my sales really dropped; I’m mostly getting orders from current clients, almost no new clients, and of course, my earnings are starting to drop.
I checked my gig stats, and I’m still getting more impressions, but the number of clicks have gone down drastically. I already did a “competition analysis”, and I think I’m still very competitive in terms of price and gig description, so I don’t know what could be the reason for that. Could it be because I was going on vacation mode so often? Have any of you guys experienced the same thing?
Thank you!


I don’t know in your category how things go.
I can tell from mine and my experience though…
Always after coming back from Vacation Mode, it costs me 2-3 weeks to get my normal rhythm again. That happened 2 times, and I’ve decided not to use VM again.
Instead, I just modify the delivery time of my Gig, delivering few days later for the newcomers. So I don’t have to deal with clients who click, see I’m on vacation often, and just move on.


Strange, I’ve just checked your Gig_translation. You are on top in your category. People see you OK


I think vacation mode might be the problem then… I’ll try doing what you said, let’s see if it works! Thanks a lot!


I think Gig’s pause is much better than vacation. It’s my opinion only. May be I’m not right …


When I was on vacation one year ago, I used that option and the same thing happened to me. After that, I bought a fast laptop and started working from everywhere I go. My guess is that in two or three weeks max, you will get the same amount of orders again.

December 2015 was my best month of Fiverr, I used the vacation mode for two weeks in January 2016, and then it took me to mid-February 2016 to make my business flow as it was doing before.


Same thing happened to me what happened to @alinevieira , I dont think that thing became same again…Its been more than 3 month since my last vacation and still I am not getting enough order…may be issue is not a vacation mode but some thing strange…


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Many sellers on here are reporting the same problem. I haven’t gone into vacation mode for 1.5 years, so it can’t be that. Perhaps it’s the world-wide economy?


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before few weeks a strange thing happened to me!
my most popular and selling gig was automatically paused and images were lost! fiverr notified me to change gig…- they said surajrenuka you need to modify your gig!
but before that gig was going well and I was pretty happy with result…when I modified they took it back!
not sure but fiverr severer lost my images haha.


Really? That’s so strange!