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Number of Voice over talent on line


When doing a search of voice over talents in the past there were usually a few hundred showing that they were on line. In the past few weeks its like 20 to 40? I have been on line many times
and no longer show up when doing a search through another search engine? Has something changed?


Nowadays, the gigs change position, did you check?

You search one keyword, you press CTRL + F5 on your keyboard, you get different result with the same keyword.

Happened to me on my pixel gig, now happening to my my booking one.


There’s been a problem with the online status not showing for a while. Also the search filter for online or not is buggy.


Are more people marking themselves as on vacation because of the holiday period? Although, that drop does sound like it may be more than that…


If you’re not using Chrome you could try that, even though Fiverr should make it work with other browsers, including Firefox.

Also, CS said there’s a 15 minute delay after logging in before it should show you as online (assuming you’re using the browser they’ve decided to make compatible) and a timeout of 30-45 mins of not refreshing a page where it will set it to offline.

If it isn’t working for you could create a support ticket about it so they could fix it.