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Numbers in orders page aint adding up

Hey there,

My previous rant was about money missing from my revenues:

After this experience I started paying more attention to numbers, trying to figure out where it disappeared and came across this (attaching screenshot). The break down of the orders is really random, numbers are not adding up, it’s really frustrating and confusing to figure what’s right and what’s wrong especially when you are dealing with a ‘missing money’ issue.

Does it show silly digits on your page also or is it just mine???


if you’re having any problems with earnings etc. please ask CS - I’m sure they’ll be able to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would need to see how the offers you made looked to figure those two odd ones out. As long as the total is correct that is the main thing.

It depends on what the offer you gave the buyer looked like.

It also depends on if more extras were added on after the order started, how that looks.

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The first one was adding 2 custom extras to offer as we went, second one is a tip. It’s only these two that fit in the screenshot, pretty much every gig that has extras or tips in my list is broken down wrongly in one way or another. Also there’s one where buyers ordered 6 multiples but it shows as ‘4x’ but yeah, the totals are correct, I hope!

I just think that when it comes to money it should be no mistakes like this :confused: .

What I understand is the system adds all the funds in that gig and counts it as the price of the whole gig then breaks it down… Like I sold a 25$ service and was tipped 10$. The break down says the total paid was 35$ and 10$ tip, means out of the 35$ 10$ was a tip. In your case it says custom so maybe you sent a 30$ offer then tipped 15$ hence it reads 45$ was for the order but 15$ from that was from a tip.

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