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NYC & London - The Five Dollar Movie

Hey guys,

Over two years ago I started shooting an independent documentary called ‘The Five Dollar Movie’.

Here’s the concept:

Since I began, the shared / gig economy has grown far beyond anything I’d imagined making this a really interesting time to meet people who have grown with it and with Fiverr.

I’m in NYC until the end of the month then in London and would love to meet and hear your Fiverr stories and options on the future of the gig economy!

Exciting, do let us know where the documentary will be released. I would love to watch it!

This is going to be epic!.. I can tell already :slight_smile:

Will this documentary describe how a lot of us writers write with our own passion behind the pen for an amount that would buy someone a number 1 at McDonald’s?

Because I write with my heart invested for the sole purpose of the buyer to feel he/she has gotten their $5 dollars worth but leaving myself feeling cheated for the crazy amount of time I’ve actually put out into their 500 word article.

I actually spend an hour researching the buyers topic, another hour formulating what I should write to make the article compelling and engaging plus an hour proofreading/editing…all for $5.

I enjoy what I do and will continue on I just hope buyers appreciate the extra heart involved because I can’t submit work with my name attached if it’s subpar.


Yes, but you wouldn’t want to be caught serving at McDonald’s, would you? In Bangalore, plumbers and electricians make more than those working in the IT industry…because nobody wants those jobs, while there are over 100 applicants for each IT job. It’s all about demand/supply. My grandmother’s caregiver is semi-literate, but she makes more than a teacher in a private school who has a Masters. There are a lot of women who want to be teachers, none that want to be caregivers. Heck, did you know that the Jenner sisters are self-made millionaires? So point is, the world doesn’t make sense. Just do what you like and enjoy. Don’t compare and don’t worry about anything else.

Ah yes, the Jenner sisters. Proof that any girl can make it big as long as they are pleasing to the eye and have a sister who is willing to get her bits out on the most widely visited adult entertainment website on the Internet. :slight_smile:

Hi all, wanted to share with you an update on the documentary.

The documentary is 95% complete and I’m beginning film festival applications before a wider release. Here’s the first trailer to be released:


Impressive…look forward to it. Unfortunately those who still sell at $5 are very few on Fiverr (high quality sellers, I mean)…Fiverr is all about Pros now, logos for $4000 :laughing:

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Wow. This looks interesting! I will definitely be checking it out!