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NYC Representin!

Yes, anyone else stomping around Manhattan?

I’m ShirtCash, (I guess you can tell what I do by the name).
I am a marketer with over 20 years of online marketing, looking to try out Fiverr and see how it goes!


Not me! I stomp around among the Rocky :mountain:s rather than among the :city_sunrise: and :building_construction: of Manhattan. It is the :sunrise_over_mountains: life for me!

Be sure to read the ToS here :arrow_forward: They will help you know what you can and :no_entry_sign: do!


I actually drove through the miracle mile in Colorado, along that river on a raised concrete road.
THAT was cool!

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I ain’t doing much stomping over here in the island of Puerto Rico, but we recognize and appreciate your NYC vibe, welcome to fiverr!