O Buyers, DON'T BE RUDE! It's a person on the other side!


Yes, it is! Sorry if you thought it was a robot; it’s not!

I don’t know how to begin this rather useless rant (useless because I seriously wonder how many buyers would read it). Anyway, here we go:

Please, pardon the long epistle
I joined this platform back in November and I’ve got more unique conversations than I’ve got unique buyers (normal with every business). But that’s not the problem. Many times you’d see a buyer contact you and just disappear. Staying in a part of the world with a near opposite time zone from those of my target customers, I get many who contact me while I’m fast asleep regardless of how deep into the night I stay up before going to bed. But right now, the problem isn’t just about getting sellers who contact you at the wrong time. It’s much worse!

Have you ever had a person contact you, only for you to offer a response and get a crystal clear NOTHING? How’d that feel? Or worse, have you had someone take you so far as to requesting a price quote which is dutifully followed by silence?

Maybe I’m getting it all wrong, but isn’t that rude? Like really, really rude? I mean, if this were a physical marketplace (which it clearly isn’t), you’d have a certain etiquette guiding your conversation and all. You wouldn’t just walk up to a storekeeper, inquire if he has what you need, get a response almost immediately, and then…walk away. If you don’t like what you see, you’d state it before leaving. If it’s too expensively priced (of which you’ve most likely seen the price tag before walking up to the seller, but then again), you’d state that as well.

To give a very practical example, I once had someone contact me to inquire if I could write on XYZ to which I replied in a matter of seconds. He never said a thing after that. Another requested I take a look at his website to see if I could write in his style. A quick scan afterward and I gave him my response. He too disappeared. I’ve had much, much worse experiences (one of which gave rise to this post), but that’s the idea.

I’m quite new to freelancing so I just want to be sure; is this something you experience often. Is it not just as rude as doing it in the real world?

It’s rude to keep someone hanging after making an inquiry - online or offline. DON’T do that!!!


Oh, sweetie. If you think that’s rude… ghosting is par for the course on here. You can always just build a questionnaire and throw it at them as a first response. Sorts out the men from the boys and you waste no time.


I don’t think it’s rude. It’s a bit frustrating at times. Well, the making an offer and not having it accepted after a long conversation is anyway. And any way you want to look at it, online relationships are different than offline relationships. And a buyer is probably sending messages to lots of people at the same time and they won’t want to come back to individual sellers. You need to accept that or it’s going to drive you mad, and we wouldn’t want that :slight_smile:


That’s a good point. On those bidding sites you’re lucky to get a 10% response rate on your bid–even if your competition consists entirely of dribbling idiots.


I definitely understand this, but…

this I don’t understand. After all, you wouldn’t walk into three shops at once to make an inquiry about a particular commodity, would you? I once saw a buyer ranting on the forum after he had sent 10 different people a single inquiry! Why do that? I’d expect you’d take a good look around, select one or two potentials, consult with your more preferred option, and then move on to the next if you are not satisfied with the response. You SHOULD know what you want!

I’ll definitely keep this in mind. I’ve been trying to; and it’s so helpful doing so.


I think I’ll try out something like this. Previously wanted to, but I just came up short of how best to craft it out so I kept the idea in check. Maybe I’d have to go back to it.


Any buyer who cares about the work they are doing will be looking at multiple sellers and choosing the one that offers the most competence for the lowest price. Likely, you just didn’t make the cut. Sorry, but that’s business; it has nothing to do with being rude or not. If you don’t hear back, wait an appropriate amount of time and reach out again to ask why they are hesitating, if you’re really lucky they may give you a reason that you can address, but don’t hang your hopes on it. Improve your skills, improve your gigs and you’ll get the sales. :slight_smile:



In less than 3 months you have obtained 50 perfect 5 star reviews because of your excellent gig description and work ethics.

Regardless of what you do and where you do it, the world has rude, selfish and bad people that will take advantage of others good nature. The ranting pot is for people to vent, so I’m glad you did.

I like to think the 50 five stars came from wonderful buyers who appreciate your abilities. Reason I bring this up is because one sour apple will always dampen our mood and it’s hard to let go. I agree it’s rude and yes, it’s easier to be that way over the Internet.

When I have a bad day, I go and do something extra nice for other people. It puts them in a good mood and it becomes infectious.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day. :slight_smile:


Well, you know which questions you get asked most. Put all the stuff in a file for all your gigs, make it look purdy, add some personal, slightly scary TOS in there (this will make bad buyers run away) and then make a quick response with something telling them how you’re here to help them, but if they could v. quickly first fill it out, you’ll get back to them ASAP with a full quote. You could make multiple variants of this (the responses, not the questionnaire) for different kinds of buyers too.

Point is, it’s not so much the questionnaire, it’s the time put in. On a cheap website, time becomes a bigger commodity. If they’re shopping around 10, 20, 40 at once, just like a bidding site, you blend into a background of noise. So… be different.

Ultimately… it’s the nature of the job. Imagine responding to someone and getting your head snapped off for a potential $5/10 gig! Happens more often than you think. I’ll take the ghosts over that nonsense any day.


Thanks. :relaxed: You just made my day!


Great idea, Emma. I’ll definitely get that done! I was wondering, though. Did you make your questionnaire a Word file or just a saved quick message?


It also be worth making an educational file for the newbs. I’m getting a concerning amount of messages from people asking me which package to choose (I don’t have any) who have signed up since the recent marketing… uh… hm. Well, whatever.

I think I’ll pencil that in for tomorrow. I’m tired of having to explain that. Quicker to attach a couple of files and let the mess sort itself out. That said… maybe not a file.

Why I have to do Fiverr’s job for them I don’t know grumble


Word file with quick response blurb that I make a couple of changes to if necessary.

Oh, and always respond to the “hello” people with “is it me you’re looking for?”

Trust me on that.


I wonder what that would look like :grinning:.

Buyer: Hello
Seller: Is it me you’re looking for?
Buyer: Sorry, who else is there?
Seller: ts…