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O/T discussion on video template copyright etc

To be honest, I was on your side until I checked your profile. That real estate gig you are selling for $5 (RRP $65 minimum on Envato by the real creator) is part of the reason I was driven out of the real estate niche on Fiverr.

The question, in this case, is not whether you have been targeted by a fake buyer determined to do you wrong? It’s more, is this just a case of karma in action? :slight_smile:

Edit: My mistake, the extended license for that one is $86

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Wow, talk about derailing the conversation. 90% of the animation gigs on Fiverr are based on someone elses work, or are purely template edit jobs. If you provide a quality service then you have nothing to fear from people who buy and resell templates. It was purely an experiment on my part to try and do this as well, which is not really doing all that well financially, so what is exactly the problem ?

Did you really just accuse me that ? What did you base your accusation on ? You see someone selling a template and you assume that they are copyright infinging ? There is a button for that, report copyright infringement, I suggest you use it if you feel that this is what happening.

I am sorry that you could not compete in a world where people can buy templates and sell them in bulk to cover the cost and then make money on top. But for now, may I suggest that you take your off-topic assumptions elsewhere.

It’s not wrong if he buy the license… And you will never know which sellers boughts the full license to be able to resell or not…

You do know when it is made clear that the full license per use costs $86 and the seller sells at $5.


Not really… I do have some templates that cost me 2000$ and I had the 5$ gig that only pays the WordPress installation. Then the client needs to pay 20$ for the template. And more x for modifications etc. All modular. So I normally do for 100 ~ 200$. It’s always an investment. 86 would be an investment easely acheivable for 5$.

86 dollars is about 20 sales with commission, and I have to sell that product at 5$ to bring in buyers to give me positive reviews to bring in more buyers to the point where I can sell it at a higher price.

You do not have to be a Stephen Hawking, but you do need to have a little bit a business sense to understand why some people do the things that they do.

Again, your behaviour is extremely inappropriate and it is not really wise to accuse people of dishonesty and call them names, when all you are basing your accusations on are your assumptions.

Again, there is a button for reporting gigs which you think are questionable, feel free to use it.

How am I accusing you dishonestly? I have provided proof that to sell your service legitimately on Fiverr, you would need to pay the original creator of the work $86 per time.

Your argument that this is not fair because you would need to make 20 sales is like me walking into Walmart, stealing 20 TV’s while no one is looking, selling them on the corner for half of what they are worth, and if I get found out, me saying: “Stop being so unfair! I’m only making $50 per sale and you’re making $100’s.”

Really, come on.

As for my behavior being inappropriate. I have been on Fiverr for a number of years. As such, I feel both loyalty to the platform and its wider community. When someone like you, therefore, comes seeking sympathy while selling gigs which bring down the value of Fiverr as marketplace, I believe it more than appropriate to point this out.

I would strongly suggest that before you continue to operate your business in the way which you presently are, you educate yourself with regard to Fiverr TOS. - This and your legal obligations when selling the kind of services you are.

As for your present problem. Many buyers aren’t stupid. A lot of opportunistic sellers will guess that you are effectively stealing work from elsewhere and order from you because of this. Then they will feel no remorse attempting to cancel unfairly, review you poorly, or take full advantage. - If you are happy with that, that;s fine I guess.

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You what ?

Extended license by definition, allows you to use this template to be used commercially . This means that you can edit the template and sell it on to your clients.

You can charge for it, but the kicker here is that it’s one license per user.
For every $5 order you have to buy the $86 license.

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I specifically asked the seller if I could use the template commercially and he said I needed to buy the extended license for that.

That’s right, you can, but you keep missing the part about 1 license per user. So if you leave all the fees aside, you’re losing $81 on every order.


No freaking way, why the hell would I buy his template in this scenario.

I will get back to you

It’s been like this for years and that’s why legit sellers don’t sell this service at $5 price range.
I gather that you simply misread the license, but now you probably get why cyaxrex is getting so emotional :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but there is no ‘Not Really’ involved here. I am not familiar with WordPress template reselling legalities. I am, however, very familiar with product licensing and reselling rights.

If selling any material sourced from elsewhere (in any context not just Fiverr) a seller needs to have the appropriate reselling rights every time. I have several copyrighted Blender effects, each of which I have made sure to pay for full ‘unlimited’ reselling rights. This means that after buying a video template for $100, I can resell work as many times as I like.

In other cases, I might need to use a stock video footage which I after purchase it, the license only permits me to sell this footage once to one client.

It all depends on the terms of the license purchased. my advice to you and anyone would be to always make sure to abide by ters exactly as they are laid out by original content creators.


I got it. It’s like Amazon selling ebooks, every time they sell a book the author need to be paid a royalty.

I had two clients whom I make 3d logos for ask me about real estate videos, so I looked around and decided it was worth investing into a template to integrate my services. So I went to envato and bought a template, after which I had some gripes from a person like you who accused me of stealing copyrighted material, so I asked the seller if it was fine for me to use his template commercially and he said I needed an extended license for that, so I bought that and now it turns out I cant use any of that stuff ? You gotta be kidding me.

So I don’t know anything about this type of business but even I know you have to pay for each use.

I dont care, I am out nearly 200 bucks and it turns out I am a copyright infinger.