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Objective oppinion about my gig

Hello everybody! I’ve been selling my services on fiverr for a few months already but now I’m really curious about some objective oppinions on my gig. Of course I already asked a few friends to help me improve it, but I just wanted to make a post about it too because I’m constantly trying to improve!
I’m not sure how it works, should I leave a link to my gig or something or you can check my gig using my forum account?
Edit: here’s a link -

Note: I’m already sure that this post will be seen by misscrystal, imagination7413 and humanissocial and to be honest I’m really curious about your oppinion! Even though this is my first post on forum, I read articles everyday and your comments always help me to improve my services! Thank you and many more users that I see all over the forum for their implication, for real, you’re the best!


Wow, that video. The only thing I can critique in it is the white-on-white text and it’s small size, and the white on full transparent at the end. It’s otherwise gorgeous! (You could make your icon and username appear temporarily larger, especially since the username vanishes for a bit so the viewer can focus on the video, but that’s a tiny nitpick.)

The gig description is pretty good as well, but doesn’t differentiate between what, specifically, is offered in each package. (Basic is A and B, Standard is the above plus C, Premium is all the aforementioned and D.)

Now, I’ll admit, this is the first gig of this category I’ve looked at, and it’s not my area of skill, but you’ve made a fantastic first impression!

P.S. Looked at the client-delivered images, and noted a second video. It’s content is just as great as the main gig video, but I would recommend that, if you make another video with panning shots, slow the pan down. The camera was moving a bit too fast to really focus on anything.

(P.P.S. Thank you for the vote of confidence!)


Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for! The suggestions for the video are amazing! I’ll be honest, the description is one of the hardest things for me, but I’ll try to keep in mind those things!
PS: about the other delivered video, I know it could have been better quality but the main problem was the time and the budget, it actually needs to render frame by frame the entire video so a slower video means less view angles, but you are actually right, I’ll keep this in mind when I’ll need to make another video presentation!

You started on Fiverr in July 2019 and are already level 1.

Your recent delivery was 3 days ago and you have 1 order in the queue.

Your reviews are excellent.

Some sellers wait months to get their first order.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have a point! Giving the fact that I have a record of breaking stuff that are working properly maybe your advice is really wise!
I’m just afraid to stop improving, I don’t want to get in a comfort zone and later ask myself “why don’t I get orders”.

By the way, you’re one of those persons that I’m seeing everywhere too! Thank you for everything!

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Ah, quite right. And this is exactly why getting more than one opinion is good. Now if you ever create another gig, however, you have input!

Now I wonder if anyone shares their planned content for a gig they are about to create, pre-launch. That’d be great for feedback, but maybe it’s too risky that someone else snags portions?

Ah, but I’m getting off topic.
I did notice one other thing, but in your profile:

I’ll be honest. I’m not perfect in the rules of capitalization, and as mentioned, I don’t know what counts as proper nouns or titles in this category. That said, the line I italicized I’m pretty sure should be lower case.
The fist bold part would be better phrased as ‘constantly strive’, and the second ‘trying’ can be removed since you don’t have a comma to separate them.
Third bold, I’m almost positive this needs to be lower case.

That all said, I’m pretty sure you can up your ‘Language - English’ to ‘Fluent’ in your profile.

Best part is that (to the best of my knowledge) editing your profile doesn’t affect the fiddly algorithms. (I could be wrong, but I’ve heard no evidence to neither support nor deny this.)

Edit: Missed a thing. Remove ‘a’ and add commas after ‘communication’ and ‘result’.

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Hi Daniel and welcome to the forum!

You can put a link to your Fiverr main site profile (or to a specific gig if preferred) in your forum profile, then, anytime someone who sees one of your posts and is interested in looking you/your gigs up, can click your forum profile pic or the username and will see and can click the link (you can click my pic/username in this post to see what that looks like):

click your forum profile pic in the top menu bar
click your username in the top bar of the pop-up window
click “Preferences”
click “Profile”
add your Fiverr main site profile or gig link where it says “Web Site” (do not add an actual website you own there, that would be against Fiverr’s ToS)


Thank you for your suggestion on my profile description! I will actually change some things. About the lower case words, I`ll just leave some of them as they are, I just like how they look with upper case capitalization and I think those words should catch your eye, they are really important for my gig.
And yes, as I have seen editing my profile description and even my gig description does not really affect my gig position/ranking on fiverr.

And thanks @miiila for this, I actually did not know how people do that!

Just checked, and yes, that reads much smoother!

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