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Obnoxious buyer + usual caring CS

Haven’t posted here in a while.

I want to share the experience with one buyer who ordered a gig today.

“Hello! Hope things are well. We need additional translation in Croation. Please see attached document. Thank you”

“Croation” should’ve been a warning enough for me. :laughing:

So, he ordered a $10 gig and I’m charging $5 per 400 words. I did a word count of his Excel document and it had 2216 words.

Naturally, I replied with: “I just took a look into your Excel document and it contains 2216 words. So, I can translate it for $30 and within a 48-h deadline.”

OB: “Impossible. It has about 1079 words that are missing the translation”

MOI: I don’t know which ones are translated. There are no instructions on that. Can you let me know which lines are translated and which are not, please? Though, still, that’d be $14.

OB: Please try this tool… (not sure if I can share links on the forum, he sent me a link to screenshot software)

OB: All the lines that are translated are hidden. I don’t know what kind of program you are using. But if you are using MS Excel, then you should only see about 264 lines which rounds to about 1079 words

I used Excel, of course.

OB: That’s the wrong method of counting words. It counts every “to”, which is not a word that is translatable.

MOI: I always do the word count like this. “To” is a translatable word, you may be thinking of “the”.
The" is not translatable, but there are words in Croatian that are not translatable to English per se, but in a phrase from English these can be translated, so it makes up for it. Anyway, I really don’t think there could be 1000+ words “the” in a 2216-word document."

OB: Ok, let’s cancel the entire order and I will think about it

MOI: “Sure, I can’t accept the mutual cancellation because cancellations lower my gig ranking, so you can go through Fiverr CS and let them know the reason for cancellation.”


OB: “I just had a guy who cancelled because we did not agree on the price either. And he did not have any problems with that”

OB: "You have the tool to cancel it. I don’t have that option. So please mutually cancel it. It does NOT lower any ratings

MOI: I get that, but that’s not how I operate because as I said, this lowers my gig ranking and I had nothing to do with the cancellation. If you’re unsure about the price, you should contact your seller prior to ordering. It does NOT lower any ratings, LOL. I’m 5 years on Fiverr.

OB: “So now you are going to act like a little kid? Man up buddy! It’s just a Fiverr gig that did not work out for both of us. I was sure about the price, you just did not agree to it and over counted the words. Stop crying like a baby and let’s cancel it. It does NOT lower your rating.”

"5 years on Fiverr? Are you serious? Wow… I feel sorry for you :slight_smile: I am glad I don;t have to work like that not even for extra cash lol"

MOI: I’m not going to spend my time to spoonfed this info for you. If you want to know about cancellations and how they affect sellers rating, please go to their forum and read more about it.
Don’t insult me, I counted the words properly, you wanted to get more than what you paid for. I wouldn’t do that, but I understand that there are people who want to get cheaper service.

So, he sends the mutual cancellation two times and I decline and forward this to the CS.

In the meanwhile, he sends me this: “Not sure how you are even qualified to translate anything if you cannot even properly and grammatically write in English… even Google does not understand this English :)”… and keeps acting like an adult.

I get an e-mail. Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Nah, it’s Fiverr’s Supportmen!

Hi Ferid,

Hope you are having a nice day, my name is ALIAS ANYWAY and I’ll be more than happy to help.

We have been listening to all of your feedback about Order Completion statistics and appreciate your time and effort sharing your opinions with us. We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated. Fraudulent orders and orders that we have determined to be placed in error, will not be considered in the automatic demotion/promotion, however, will remain in your analytics.

Telling another user that cancellation will negatively affect you is not allowed, we kindly ask you to stop saying that. If it happens again you may receive a warning.

If it happens again you may receive a warning.

If it happens again you may receive a warning.

If it happens again you may receive a warning.

That being said, would you like me to cancel this order for you?

G, yes, thanks for the support.


Love these guys.


Did Alias Anyway repeat four times that sentence for real? Rad.


I got a warning for that.

Sounds as if the OP got off lightly.


I wouldn’t have said it if I had known it wasn’t allowed but it’s not in the TOS.


The cancellation policy is so weird it’s treated like a dirty secret of some sort. I mean, I understand that it can be viewed as an attempt to appeal to the buyer’s emotions if you squint really hard. But we have enough careless buyers running around, pressing all the buttons and ordering all the wrong stuff. And we’re not even allowed to educate them on why such carelessness is not desirable.

I’m left with repeating: “Please contact me before you order”. Hopefully, that’s allowed.


Wow. I hope you have blocked this buyer.

I hate buyers like this. I used to have one send me lists of 50+ words they wanted using in an article like “buy soap Brisbane” and “soap shop Brisbane.” Then they would have the cheek to say that none of those words could be included in the final word count, as they were providing them.

EVERY BUYER like this should just be shown the door asap.

I’m shocked at the message you received from CS. However, I am not surprised.

I used to send buyers a message with deliveries asking them to consider sharing my gig on social media if they were happy with their delivery. I’d throw in how it helps me keep my prices low etc. Sadly, since, I’ve seen on the forum and my inbox how the tiniest thing can trigger an account warning, I don’t dare anymore.

The good news is that you survived this ordeal without a warning. From now on, just try and keep all communication with problem buyers to an absolute minimum. I don’t even message people when I have to cancel. I just go directly to the resolution center or CS. It’s not ideal, but its the only way to reduce the chances of something being said which can be interpreted by Fiverr’s message police as inappropriate.

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Sshhh… You’re blowing it right now!


I’d like to know that too, please. :smiley:

Other than that, I simply love the BRs that go something like “the word count is xxxx but there are some repeated words” …

Telling other users that cancellation will negatively affect you = try to manipulate = general misconduct = against ToS (most ToSs have such sweeping terms like “general misconduct” that are pretty open to interpretation and can be interpreted in a strict way or gently as in your or OP’s case and while I do see a potential problem with such terms I also see why people want to take a bit of freedom to lead their place as they see fit, look at the whole picture, etc.)

So, yes, support was really nice to you, Fr_design, to only tell you you may receive a warning next time, glad you didn’t get one here. :slight_smile:

Croation translations probably are requested by the same people who ask for Germany translations. :thinking:


Nah, I have to disappoint you here, that was my artistic expression, LOL. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened considering CS is basically automated copy-paste machine.

Democratic People’s Republic of North Fiverr :expressionless:

Depending on what your definition of getting off lightly is. We shouldn’t be happy about the fact “we got off lightly” in instances like these. I’m pretty sure this buyer will continue abusing other sellers because he said he cancelled order prior to mine, but the seller was “co-operative”.

Yeah, me neither. I don’t agree with the “rule”, but I can’t change it.

Yeah, I didn’t honestly know you can get a warning for stating out the obvious, but hey…

So true! :rofl:

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Oh, I did. First, I want to say I like people like you who are bold in voicing what they think. Those who are considered as rebels to put it that way.

Those are the same type of buyers that end up being “dissatisfied” with the final delivery no matter what you do.

I totally agree. If he had the decency to contact me prior to ordering, I’d probably figure out what he’s all about.

Nothing surprises me from them anymore, I always let them know how dissatisfied I’m with their response, but yeah as they’ll care anyway.

Uh, that’s a quite bold thing to do, but I wouldn’t dare honestly. I do have my social media presence, but nothing linked to Fiverr’s clients.

Yeah, as you and few others mentioned, that is the flip side to an otherwise bad situation. I thought of doing exactly as you said, if the issues arise, I’ll just forward that to Fiverr’s template forwarding system a.k.a. CS.