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Observation to ranking after editing the gig

Hey everyone!
So I’ve just been brave and edited my best-selling gig which was on the first spot in the search when I used a specific search term. I’ve seen a lot of sellers in the forum say they would like to edit their gigs but they are afraid to lose their ranking and so I thought it was interesting to share what happened to my gig’s ranking.

First of all, I searched for my unedited gig to confirm it was still in the same place as it was yesterday.
Then I went ahead and changed my delivery time and added a gig extra. Interestingly, I did notice that now you can add the extra fast delivery option to only one or two gig packages, so I could offer the basic with a 1 day delivery and set the delivery time for the other two packages to 3 and 4 days but I could still offer 1 day delivery for these two. I don’t know if that’s a new feature or whether I just did it wrong all this time before but I thought this was really cool and worth mentioning!

So, right after editing delivery time and gig extras, I had a look at the search results again and my gig was still on the first place in the search with the updated parts. My gig did not disappear temporarily, it did not affect the ranking.

Then I went back and changed the description of my gig and the FAQ and checked the search results once again immediately after making changes. Again, my gig did not disappear from the search results temporarily. But my gig went from the first spot to the third, so it was still shown in the same row of gigs.

In conclusion, I think this shows that editing your prices and delivery times as well as gig extras will not affect your gig’s ranking but changing the description does. Before, changes to the gig description needed to be checked manually by Fiverr, which may have resulted in your gig temporarily being removed from the search, however, this does not seem to be the case anymore. I didn’t check if there would be any consequences to changing my tags, so I can’t say much about that.

So, if you have been thinking about changing something about your gig, this might be a good time to do so.


Quick update: After posting this, I checked the search again and my Gig slipped down into the second row of the search results. After refreshing the site a few moments later, my gig was back up on the 1st place. I assume that was the algorithm’s doing, recalculating where to rank my gig. So my best guess is that changing gig prices / delivery time AND description does not actually affect your ranking for more than a few minutes. Though offering a quicker delivery may have made my gig more attractive to the algorithm because it ranks gigs with a faster turnaround higher.


Thanks for sharing this. Take love :blush: :blush:

You’re welcome, good luck! :slight_smile:

Yes i also observe this!

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