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Obsession over maintaining a 100 percent positive rating can be detrimental

Believe it or not, the obsession to maintain 100 percent ratings on your profile can be very apprehensive and gradually decrease your productivity. I truly understand that modifying the delivered work by correcting the informed errors is and always should be the part of the good customer service, which everybody should do, however, I have noticed some buyers have discovered such insecurities of the sellers and steadily their intention is either to manipulate the buyer to get extras or free work by asking for the refund. Moreover, if Seller denies, the buyer (with a great egotism) threatens to leave a negative review. So ultimately, the seller somehow gets a little anxious of the negative feedback on his profile and struck with the negativity of not getting the orders in the future.

I just want to put my standpoint in front of you guys that if you truly believe that you are not at the fault and still buyer is threatening you for the negative feedback or other drama just to get the project for free, never get anxious. Let it be! How can you disregard that some buyers are just like that, and as the matter of fact, you can’t please everybody in the whole World?

P.S: Even the Business Corporations, such as “APPLE” with the record-breaking sales and fans never get 100 percent ratings…

Good advice. :slight_smile:

Thanks dude!

No, it’s not! In almost all cases 100% positive rating means trust and high quality.

I also had the same thought, but life is all about new twists and turns that shows you the hidden realities sometimes. I am happy that you never had any bad experiences…

Of course it would be nice to have 100% positive rating, but I also share your opinion that it is not always possible, nor it should be obsession to the sellers.

Seller should always try the best he/she can to deliver perfect work, meet deadline, keep highest quality, but every now and then there will be minor imperfection and that is because we are humans and not robots.


If you’re refund-friendly, your rating will never drop too much. It’s those sellers that keep rejecting refund requests who end up with a ton of 1-star reviews. Of course, some sellers will still give you 1-star no matter what you do.

My gig delivery message lets buyers know that if they have any concerns, they should address them ASAP. That means "let me know what’s wrong so I can fix it or refund you. "

I totally agree with your valuable reply, but I am saying in a different context…

So explain the context that’s so different.

agree fully with you besides having that obsesion could lead to making crusial mystakes.

I am really not obsessed with having 100 percent positive rating. I indeed try to do the best for my buyers but sometimes I simply have the feeling that they will leave less than a five star rating no matter what I do for them, refund included.

give refund is better then getting negative feedback.

I think it’s good business sense to maintain the highest rating possible. Even it it means the occasional refund. After all, with such a competitive environment here, it’s an imperative to have a stellar rating.

But, a negative review doesn’t always drop your percentage. I have one negative review, and yet I’m at 100%. In that one case, I granted the buyer a refund, and they still weren’t happy. Not much I can do there. But, for what it’s worth… that first negative review is like getting the first scratch in your brand new car. Once that happens, you accept it, try to avoid other scratches and move on. No more lost sleep :slight_smile: So do everything you can to maintain your rating, and just charge forward and do the absolute best you can. But refunds my friends, are indeed a way of life here. The best way to avoid a refund is to do everything you can to set the correct expectation.

With all that said, i do wish that fiverr granted us each the ability to remove one negative review for every thousand or so positive reviews we get. I think at that point, it’s demonstrated that the one bad review is not at all indicative of the service we provide.

If any buyer demand more work or refund by threatening you to give negative review, contact customer support. If your request is reasonable, they would ban the buyer and even they would remove that negative review. This type of threatening is against fiverr rules.

I wouldn’t agree on that. Who knows maybe the person was so obsessed maintaining the 100%, that he cancelled the orders that would ruin it. Or he would go all the way to please the client( even fell trap to manipulation).

I thing maintaining 100% rating is just a seller’s quirk. Most buyers do not bid that much attention. I’d say more, if a buyer see a dozen of positive feedback and only one negative, he/she would think that the particular buyer had some issues, if he left such bad review.

I particularly like those sellers, who in spite of 4,3 star review still leave a 5 stars.
It’s just shows seller in positive light.

All in all, although maintaining a positive feedback is EXTREMELY important, but don’t turn it into obsession. Do not forget that we are earning money and not running after stars.

And one more thing, you can be left with a negative review for some really unbelievable reasons.
I personally know a case when the seller was left with a 3 star review(although he loved the work) because his finger were too thick, he was on the bus so when he wanted to hit 5 on his smartphone, it turned to be 3.

So what I try to say, is that you never know what’s going on buyer’s head when he is leaving review. Leaving review is frustrating, especially when you have 3 categories to complete.

A more interesting topic regarding review would sound, why satisfied buyers never leave review, while the one with the negative experience, will never let you go easily? Want to discuss?