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Occupation is not working (is given by default)

Hi there,
I’m frustrated as I can’t change the occupation on my profile. It doesn’t matter what browser I use, or how many times I log in and log out.
When I save the occupation, it is says “saved” but is not. It gives the default occupations which are IT (nothing to do with me).
For the rest, the changes are saved, except the occupation.

I would appreciate your help here, thanks!

Use this browser see
Google Chrome on Mac, PC
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Not working no matter the browser. The type of occupation is not saved from the origin: my profile. Whatever selection you make, it is says “saved” but it is not.

I can’t believe that something so easy it is a big problem here…

You are “saved” but is not "
Through this search
You can find the tips you want