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Hello there,
What i do…
I just search for books most which are very old scanned PDFs. I just OCR these or i use OPTICAL CHARCTER RECOGNITION tool to covert them into editable format and then translate them to English. I add the front cover and all what is needed to make it look perfect. This is what i do.
Now, i want to now…

  1. If i can sell such books on or not. If yes, How?
  2. If such a skill is important and could be earned with on
    i do all very carefully …

…with lot of thanks

If you do not own the book, you cannot sell it.
Even old books might be considered a part of an estate and thus the reprint rights belong to the decedents.

You can offer your service to the authors/copyright-holders to scan books into digital format, however. (Based on the English in your post, I would not recommend offering ‘translate to English’ as a gig.)


My time is 3:15 now. with doze off in mind, thank you for the quick answer and the reprimand too!

  1. Your viewpoint on the ‘translation’ may help me sort-out and i want to dispose of, any comment please? i also speak and write five other languages ?
  2. Since i am new to the, i may need some repetition, What do you mean by “authors/copyright-holders”
    Is it some category on the website or you mean the authors of my book.
  3. The books I am asking about are not Hard Books (Tangible) but PDFs plus this books are really not into estate too.
    So is it possible to sell such PDF Books

Translation consists of more than the ability to communicate two languages. It also requires an understanding of some of the nuances of dialect.

This is something you’ll have to look into in your native language. Copyright law is a bit complicated, so I’m not going to attempt to explain with a language barrier in the way.

This depends on the content of the PDFs. If someone scans a Shakespeare play into a PDF, that doesn’t make the contents of the PDF any less a work of Shakespeare. Just how old are the originals?

Looks an imagination… you depend on to judge. Thanks Dear!
waiting for few other opinions…

What is that supposed to mean?

Other opinion will be the same.
@imagination7413 gave a very good detailed answer.
To sell those books you need to own copyrights. Even if it’s old books. And as you don’t have copyrights for those books you can not sell them, not on fiverr and not anywhere else.

You can offer translation services on fiver or you can offer pdf conversion but it will be all custom work depending on what your clients will need.

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