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OD on Fiverr for Success


I did NOT coin the term, if someone knows who did, please chime in with credit! So to OD here on Fiverr means to Over Deliver. I thought I would open up this post for examples. Keep it simple. I’ll go first.

I OD’ed today on my Postcard Design gig - I was asked to “just use the exact design they had and make it better, since the font was too small.” The buyer said it more than once, not to re-design. However, the initial design was just not that creative and I wanted the buyer to see what was possible. So I created 3 designs. One as she asked and then two variations that she could use if she liked.

Result? She chose one of the new designs AND was very happy and gave me a glowing thumbs up.

I OD’ed today on Fiverr!


Update: Here is the original post in Chit Chat. I thought this needed to be in the Sellers tip section as well.

Thanks whisperflex !!


I tend to O’D on every gig because it makes the buyers happier and who know’s they could return for more or even leave you a nice tip :wink:


Yes and they will tell their friends!


I thought OD was for someone who consumes over the recommended dosage for a specific drug. LOL

On Fiverr, I OD a lot and the only drug I consume is a beer once in a while.


OD on Fiverr stands for Over Deliver!! But we all OD on Fiverr in that way too!!


Yes, I agree! I am always ODing


Reply to @lparziale: I know. I was just kidding.


I always OD-ing.

OD always makes people happy, you could OD in two different ways: quality or quantity.

Both are great!


Reply to @hotwebideas: I am slow at times… LOL


Reply to @likesfacebo_ok: Agree!!


Hey lpariale!

Thanks for spreading the enthusiasm for the term “OD”! It’s been in my mind for several months because it’s just so catchy and it does cause people to do a double take when you use it due to it’s more popular meaning. After perusing this Fiverr forum for a while I came to the conclusion that a lot of the successful sellers over deliver consistently, myself included, so I thought I should start up a thread with that title.

For newbies, if there is anyway for you to consistently over deliver I would encourage you to do it. It will help generate consistent positive feedback which is the best way to get your Gig to show up in Fiverr searches (from my expeirence.) That, in turn, will get you more sales, especially when potential buyers see the positve feedback.


Reply to @whisperflex: Well said! ANd I agree, success and ODing are connected.


I know with my writing gig I try and OD by writing a bit more than the required writing as long as the person has been very cooperative with me. If not I do my best to at least get the best quality I can do for the person. With reviews I try and do them as fast as I can do so people can see a quick turn around. I haven’t done either of my other gigs yet for customers so I can’t say I OD on them yet.


yay good for you i od’d on the last one i did and the lady gave positive review but she sure was demanding!


Some folks are overly demanding but then I find others love what you do the first time. So it balances out I think. I often get tips for ODing. Not solicited, they just tip. That is nice.


I OD all the time here on Fiverr, it is the only way to deliver my family tree gig. I know in the beginning I was WAYYYY oD’ing and giving people trees with 11 generations but I don’t have the time to do that now but I always make sure they gets lots of great information and tidbits about their family history


I like Sam, he is just plain cool.


Sam Cornwell.