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Odd Client Request

So I found a potential client on Facebook, and he went to my Fiverr and messaged me. Granted, he might not have known how Fiverr works, but that is very little excuse.

He said he needed a long-term writer, but wanted to do a test article first. I was OK with that, as I still charge for my work regardless if it is a test article or sample work, so I said I would make him a custom offer.

He told me he wouldn’t even accept the offer until AFTER I wrote the article for him and he made sure that it was good. He said he wanted to make sure I was a “serious writer,” which I kinda take offense at the idea that I’m not a serious writer.

I don’t write for free, so I don’t even pick up a pen until the order goes through. He said he was asking various different writers for this test article, and he said he could not afford to pay for them all. Meaning, he wants me to write him a 500-word article, in his specifications, and potentially not get paid for it at all if he finds it’s not “up to par”. I would also have no way to cry foul about potential stolen work for no pay since no order was made and therefore no contract was formed.

Yea-no. That’s not how my rent gets paid.

So the jist of this is: Dear buyers: Don’t ask writers to make original samples and test work for you unless you agree to pay them for their work. Freelancers are not slaves, we have bills and family expenses too.


Very well said, I agree. That is strange how he was going around asking sellers for samples. I am betting when he gets one he would not even pay the person like he said.


I find that this is extremely disgusting of him. It’s a shame we are required to stay professional when this happens.


So, he believes that “serious writers” don’t work for money?

A small addition: it’s hard to take seriously someone who states that they want a long-term writer (and, hopefully, plan to pay them for their work), but, at the same time, can’t afford to pay writers for test articles.


I once worked for free thinking that a so called buyer would pay, only to be hit with a “It’s for charity” nonsense. Do I know who Charity is? yes. She is my neighbough but I highly doubt she knows about fiverr. Anybody who now wants samples all they get is a link to my profile nothing more. I would rather someone pays and if anything goes wrong I refund them or I refuse to refund them and they can go to CS or chargeback through paypunda

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You are Correct. I am also getting lots of buyer to get free test Design. I am creating game Graphics so buyer want me to Design Complete game Screen as test and if they like they will place order. Some time i am laughing at this type of request. But i am Clearly saying them “You can check my portfolio. If you like we can continue” always Seller try to create great stuff for buyer. Some of buyer are genuine they are paying for test image too. If they pay so we can spend much time to get better results.

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You are correct. We all are really working hard to take care of our families.


Did he give you the whole, “I’ve been let down by lots of writers and that’s why I want to see your work first” sob story?

One of my very first clients on Fiverr was a person like this. I got them to place a $5 order but it just got messy. They asked me to upload it to their Wordpress site in a revision. I said no, they said it would take seconds. Then they wanted images and me to keep on going into their site to format the article a different way. Finally, when I gave up on the neverending $5 order, they changed their review in protest.

It’s not worth thinking about the early days actually… I’m still haunted by a crazy real estate person who cornered me into writing a 2K words about a place called Winton Manors and it’s thriving LGBT community for $5. - Not being anti LGBT. There’s just only so many ways to say if you’re gay, live here.

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Not this time, which is why I always link them to my website and blog. I did get the “I can’t use a sample in this genre, please write a new one using my topic” one though.

Oh yeah, I remember one of my first clients wanted an 800-word profile for an “escort service.”, there is just so many times you can talk about how sexy you are…

If someone was asking for that as a free sample, I would happily oblige them. I’d simply start by saying:

“That’s right, I’m back and I’m available. Having finally recovered from gingivitis, I’m back to fulfill all your sweet temptations and sinful desires. The bristles of my manly abs are once again fungal free just like they are supposed to be. What’s more, if you want a wild night out, it doesn’t get wilder than what you’ll find in my laundry basket bulge… Bring your own iodine and let’s see what’s going on down there. :wink:

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Every time I see this in a conversation I immediately suggest to find a different freelancer. I just want to avoid any trouble.

About free samples, I wonder what would happen if I go to a store, ask for a tv and state that I will only pay for it if I like it after I try it…:roll_eyes:


Hahaha I had a guy the other day (more like a week and a half, two weeks ago) who messaged me out of the blue saying he needed a ghostwriter for a novel of like 60,000 words. Okay… firstly he started with “Hi Dear” (that’s an immediate NOOOOOOOOPE in my books!!) and then he said he wanted me to write the first 2 chapters for free as a test and that’d I’d be competing against ten others for the “opportunity” to write his whole book. I had a good chuckle about that and said no and I was happy to provide a sample of previous work in another genre but I was NOT giving him a free sample in his work because what was stopping him going from person to person and saying “you write 1-2. You write 3-4” and so on until the project is finished.

I’d like to read that book though. It would read like someone who had too much to drink and thought “I’ll write a novel in one night!” with so many different styles and stuff. Hahahahah.

I told him I wasn’t interested. He got butthurt. I just laughed… and laughed… and laughed.

PS: I know some of you regular forum folk have probably seen this story before - just a hilarious similar story to Lucycodex’s! :stuck_out_tongue:


Very well said. I am new on Fiverr,

and I have had the case of such, I stopped giving a sample for free because no matter how good you at it.They will not come back.
Anyone, who asks for a sample, I asked them should I create a custom offer for you? Then they stop talking.

Can you imagine asking 10 sellers to do test on different pages? You will get your stuff written for free lol

BUT, let’s say he placed the order and when you delivered he said that you are not good enough and then he took your article and used it after cancelling the order! What can you do then? NOTHING! Fiverr support the buyer 100%, and these buyers can do it like that many times.

In fact, I had a buyer who did that to me and when I went to their facebook page after a week I found my video there! (which they claim is not good enough and canceled the order)
I contacted the CS and they said just claim your copyright from facebook lol

Conclusion: Buyers can take your work without paying you with the protection of fiverr! they can do it many times, with different account. There is a risk of this to happen in every order :slight_smile:
My way of solving this is to check the country of the seller! It happen to be all these guys from two specific countries :thinking:

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what are the countries? so we can take note of that.


It’s not country specific. Most of mine are from the US but anyone who operates this way can mask their identity easily.


That happened to me once and I told them that if he didn’t take down the story that I would press legal charges against him for stealing copyrighted work. As soon as he removed it from his Instagram, I immediately published his short story as an Ebook so I have record proof that I own the full copyright of the product and still maybe earn a small income from my work.

It was only 1000 words worth of story though.

Another one did a Paypal chargeback after paying me 15$ for an incest story between him and his younger sister. Published that one as well.


Good for you. I always tell folks that I will do as many tests as they want at $10 per 100 words.


You will get it with time :slight_smile: