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Odd foreign buyers?

Hello, I have just started up my first fiverr gig where I simply remove backgrounds from photos. I have gotten a lot of messages in my first day, however when I pull up my gig stats it shows that I have had 0 impressions, 0 clicks and the rest of the categories also have 0 interactions. However I have had 4 users contact me from a different continent with fake names online. They have all asked to call on ■■■■■ or Discord. One of them gave me a text file which described that they wanted people from the US to create some sort of page for them on another site because they can’t with their IP address. How should I handle this situation? At this point I am not getting any legit requests for my actual gig but just these odd requests instead. Thanks in advance for input.

Tell them you can’t help them, then report their messages and block them.


You need to remove the name of the continent from your post as that is not allowed on the forum.

Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups.

The above is from the: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay thank you very much!

okay sorry about that

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Hey Logan,

Good to see you on the platform. I’m a high schooler too! As @catwriter mentioned, simply block them and don’t even bother.

Unfortunately, sellers have been getting a huge amount of spam lately and we’re not really sure why. Fiverr is actually a great place to freelance and earn a couple of bucks. It will definitely take a lot of time & effort like any online business, but you’ll eventually reach your milestone!

Good luck!

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