Odd Messages From The Cyberspace


Hello all!

I got an odd message in my Fiverr inbox. It follows -

hit me up at{@}am Ann Hester A lady from USA i have business to discuss with you am not always online here i wait for your reply to my box**

Odd, right? Has anybody else had this. It almost looks like spam. Wouldn’t want to get involved in a email related scam! At the same time, I’d be grateful for the business if it is genuine. I have not replied in any way. Just curious to see what you all think about it!

Mod note: Email address removed


LOL! I got this too and instantly reported as spam, blocked the user and deleted the message. :sunglasses:


The SAME user spammed a bunch of us yesterday. Lucky for me, it was automatically marked as reported. FYI~ The sender account vanished into the abyss! :japanese_ogre: