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Odd quantities in Revenues page

My Revenues page is showing things like “Upcoming earnings: $94.4”, “Order revenue: $1.6” or “Order revenue: $6.4”.

I had never seen quantities with decimals, and I don’t know how can I have $94.4 as upcoming earnings… :-?

Is this normal and I’m missing something, or is it some kind of bug?

Have you received tips? For example, $6.4 is probably from a $8 tip.

This is normal, were you tipped an amount recently that wasn’t a multiple of $5? Do you have any gigs with shipping?

I have the same but don’t have shipping. I got one tip recently, but it was for $5. I thought the usual 20% was taken off for tips, though. Is it a different amount? Did I miss something?

twistedweb123 said: were you tipped an amount recently that wasn't a multiple of $5? Do you have any gigs with shipping?
Yes, I got a tip, but it was $5, so it should add $4, not any quantity with decimals. And I don't ship products, so this is really odd.

I’ve noticed that both “Order revenue: $1.6” and “Order revenue: $6.4” (which add up $8) point to the same order, which is a $10 order that I haven’t delivered yet. So my revenue regarding that order seems fine, even though I don’t know why is divided in two separate quantities.

However, I believe that the “Upcoming earnings: $94.4” is adding every thing just fine, except that “Order revenue: $1.6”. The correct quantity should be $96. Really weird :-?

My upcoming revenues or available revenues have been wonky too since they added the Tip button at the end of the delivery of your order. I have had people throw odd amounts as a tip, which is great, but, that is why mine has “change” instead of the even number it used to.


Reply to @aingham69: 20% is taken off for tips, yes, but tips don’t have to be $5 or a multiple of $5. The last tip I’ve got was $9.

Reply to @catwriter: Hmm, my tip was for $5. Not sure what is going on then. When I withdrew, it took a weird amount from PayPal too, rather than the normal max of $1, and somehow I’ve ended up with a cent left in the bank. Really don’t get it. Was going on vacation though, so didn’t have the time or patience to try and deal with CS with a limited internet connection last week.