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Odds Stacked Against a New Seller?

I may be missing something, many people tell me, I miss quite a bit! But it seems that the odds are not in favor of a Fivver Newb, which I can appreciate and understand. But surely there is some way to get noticed and get that first sale–isn’t there? I mean even in setting up one’s first gig, newb’s only get a minute for their video. (mine was 72 seconds long and rejected, because it was too long). However, established top sellers have videos up on Fivver that are in excess of 2 minutes.

And it appears as if I can not respond to buyers requests with an attached file. Is there a way for a newb to attach a file so potential buyer can hear a sample of my work?

Any help would be appreciated.

I think your video can only be about a minute. You might see videos that are 2 min but those must be a bit older. Fiverr is constantly improving and changing things up. I recently uploaded a new video and was suprised that .wmv was no longer accepted only .mp4. So the length of the video might have changed over time as well. As for buyer requests you can pick your gig that the client can look at. So your client has the opportunity to view samples of your work by visiting your gig. You cannot attach a voice sample.

I think there is a 1 min limit for everyone’s videos, not just newbies. It’s all about getting those first few sales and reviews to get your fiverr career up and running. One way to get your first is to have a friend or family member buy it (don’t worry, even fiverr suggests doing this). Getting that first sale and review will really boost your gig in ranking.

Why would you think that the odds should be in favor of Newbies? Established sellers have put a lot of work in to get where they are and have earned money for Fiverr! Newbies have not. As it happens, Newbie gigs get shown high in search results for a certain amount of time.
If you can’t upload a file, put it on an image sharing site and send them the link to see it. Sometimes you need to think about how to do things on here, don’t expect everything handed to you on a plate. Selling on Fiverr is not easy, no matter what level you are.

I was new at one time. I had about 5 sales a month for a while at first. I never thought the odds were against me, just that I was too new to get more. I knew it would take a long time.

Odds aren’t stacked against new sellers. Not by a long shot. If you’re good at what you do - and you recruit your own clients from outside Fiverr - you can be very successful on Fiverr.

Odds aren’t against new sellers. There are buyers that have a preference for well established sellers over ones that come off new; i.e. those with little to no sales under their belt. If you have live portfolio activated on said gig, that should be sample enough to show the skills you possess.

I’ve never bothered with the video feature so not sure what to tell you other than keep it simple and to the point. Gigs are cycled through on the home page so at some point or other you’re bound to get noticed. You’re still relatively new to the site so try to be patient give it time.

You’ll get noticed soon enough.

Simplysoccerpro, thanks for the information, great idea!

Thank you for your response, eoinfinnegan. I did quite a bit of searching around the forums and the Academy, before posting such a basic, newb kind of question. I am grateful for the informative response I have received.

I was not suggesting that the newbs get any special favor, just was curious if starting out we were on equal footing–other than the lack of “Fivver” experience, reviews, knowledge, etc. I was not looking for, nor would I expect anything handed to me on a plate.

misscrystal, thanks for that! I think, being brand new, no one knows me well enough to know I a “message”. I should have chosen a better phrase than “odds stacked against me”–I really did not mean to sound victimized!!, or woe is me. i appreciate your common sense answer.

jamesbulls, yes recruiting one’s own clients make sense. That is how it works everywhere else. Im just trying to understand Fivver, relative to all of my marketing efforts, how it works, where if at all, it fits in my model, based on my costs and objectives.

Thank you topaz_muse. OK, then–I will hold ya to that!! :smiley:

Doesn’t needing to recruit buyers externally defeat the purpose of paying a 20% fee for a platform meant to make it easier to find buyers? At a point you might have to ask why you are redirecting clients to a closed off marketplace that takes 20% from every sale. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fiverr, and I’ve found 100% of my clients here. I just don’t get the logic of hunting clients outside of the site.

Just hang in there. All it takes is one client to get things going.

You should take a listen to the latest Fiverrcast Episode. It’s geared precisely to new sellers landing their first sales. In my own experience (I’ve been selling here for 5 months now) I looked at the other top sellers in my categorie(s) and craft, and undercut them in price/delivery time as much as possible while maintaining a minimum value for my time. I was also strict to present myself as a personality/entity. After all clients’ aren’t buying our services, they’re buying our individual approaches to their problems. Push YOUR unique experience as your product.

amazing_nut, Thanks. You and topaz_muse helped get my head on straight. I appreciate it.

I will checkout the latest Fivvercast Episode. Thanks for that heads-up. So true, individual approaches, solving problems and developing relationships. ?Business 101" For some reason, I was thinking that the Fivver model required a different approach, but business is business by getting one client/customer at a time. Thanks for your help.

There will be times, like December, where Fiverr was so quiet that every second post on the forum was sellers moaning that they had no orders. Recruiting your own clients is imperative to making a sustainable living. Using Fiverr makes the payment arrangement a lot easier and gives these clients a sense of security as well as the opportunity to see your great rating/reviews. It’s win-win. It also means you won’t have to be chasing them for a payment they were supposed to send to your Paypal account, but haven’t…

Its a good episode that I’m glad they came out with. Some time back I made a suggestion that they need to publish more material geared toward those with little to no orders under their belt. It was very helpful and easy to follow.

Hi Larry,

Iam a Voice Over Artist myself… trust me for American/British Accents there is lot of demand and work here on Fiverr… Infact we indians sometimes struggle a lot to get work… i would also suggest you to get intouch with Explainer Video Makers… Do send them your Voice Sample and tell them about the modulations you offer and quality of equipment you use…

and also please send me your Voice Sample… i keep getting queries about different accents… ill surely see if something can work out between us…