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Oder Cancelled problem please help me

Many thanks to everyone.
I am a new seller on Fiverr. I received an order today. but the account of the buyer who gave me the order has disabled from Fiverr. because he had two accounts, one buyer and the other seller account. And my order has been canceled from Fiber Support, I want to know the details of what will be the problem in my account?
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There wont be any problem with your account, your order completion rate may drop ! can you check and let me know if it dropped ?
Usually cancellation bring few up downs in gig ranking in search result but I am not sure how this will affect in your case !

Thanks. that way You will help me ?

Welcome to the fiverr forum. Good wishes to you. :cowboy_hat_face: :gift_heart:

Unfortunately I cant help , I am just seller like you but I just want to know what happens at last so we can inform any other new seller with similar queries !