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Oder completion and on time delivery percentage is not growing!

Hello good people!

Last week for one order canceled that’s why I got down percentage for oder completion and on time delivery. But while I completed 4 order individually still the percentage is not growing up its just 2% up?? What is happening to fiverr.

Please help with this issue.

Thank you :innocent:


Did you contact CS? well you can try to clean your browser´s cache and close and open it again. I think the rule of three it is applied for this part in Fiverr logarithm try do the math


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NO i didn’t contact yet but I will . yeah I think its fiverr algorithm

Thanks martin. :slight_smile:

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yup is also happen to me.

Going up 2%, isn’t this growing?

Cancellations seem to count against us more than completing orders count for us. I cancelled an order because of the buyer’s mistake and I went from 95% to 91%. But then I completed one and it only went up to 92%.

I don’t think that’s necessarily terrible, although it does make it harder to reach a higher order completion rate.


I do not know the cause why CS do not give or clarify us which the math to get this percentage

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I think that someone suggested that in another thread today. It does seem like a great suggestion for them to be more transparent with us, especially when it comes to numbers that will affect our wellbeing on the platform.

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Can you tag me in that conversation? to read the post please

I can’t find it anymore. It might be in the “All Gigs denied” thread, but I’m not sure.

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:slight_smile: thanks any way I am going to try to locate it

but there is much more completed order what I did! it should grow more!

also suddenly its getting down without doing nothing !!! last night it was 95% at morning its 94%.
does this make any sense to any of you!!

Since it tracks your completion/delivery rates over the past 60 days, that actually does make sense.

With every day that passes, a new day is included and a new day is excluded from the calculations, therefore resulting in changes according to how many orders you completed/cancelled within the refreshed time period.


I see ! I wasn’t read any article about this issue.

It says so right there on the analytics page. All the stats that are counted end with the qualification “…over the last 60 days.”


okay cool :slight_smile:

thank you for your kind information

Same thing has happened to me few weeks ago and i also asked CS. Its no bug. Thats the correct rate shown. it took me also around 23 orders completed to get back 4% back. So keep doing what you do and yes,its an uphill struggle.

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