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Oder completion rate

Hi, what will happen to my order completion rate if an order is canceled?

My gig is writing poems and someone placed this order that is more of a homework assignment:

It has to be about time management
needs to have the following:
-figurative language
-ethos, pathos, and logos
-solutions to it

I put in a dispute to cancel the order and assuming they agree does my order completion rating drop?

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I have had this happen too. When you cancel through the resolution center, your order completion rate will go down.

However, in my experience, if you contact CS and explain you were asked to do something that was against Fiverr’s TOS; therefore, you were forced to cancel. The two or three times I have done this, my order completion rate has gone back up, even though I get the standard message that the CS person cannot guarantee it will increase.

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Thank you, I am going to contact CS. Also I revised my gig description to try to prevent this in the future!

Remember they are very busy since the pandemic started. I hear they have been taking up to 10 days to reply.

Students will still book a gig without first contacting you. :roll_eyes:

Students will still book a gig without first contacting you. :roll_eyes:

LOL…you’re probably right about that!

After all those students who look for an easy way out by paying someone to do their work are the least likely to read a gig description.