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I don’t get regular orders After a month or two I get an order Please help me in this matter. I’m at level one. I got level one seven months ago. Please help. My ID is two years old.

It happens.

Since COVID, tens of thousands of people have turned to Fiverr for income.

That means the Seller pool has expanded adding greater competition for those Sellers who have been here a while.

That’s how it goes.

You’ll see more work.

Just don’t expect it to be a lot of new work.


Your last delivery was 2 hours ago so maybe business is picking up.

Check this out: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


In each gig’s FAQ section you say:
“What is stationery design include?”
“What is social media kit include?”
“.So PNG File is very impotent for you”
Maybe changing those might help.

In the gigs’ descriptions you don’t seem to mention the unique things that are in the title.

eg. in your real estate logo gig you never mention “real estate” in your gig description. If someone searched for “real estate logo” you might show up better in the results if you mentioned real estate in the relevant gig’s description. Similar with the technology logo gig.

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Dont loose patience. Fiverr is international platform. where 1000’s of seller struggling for daily order not only you. You have to work heard for generate regular order. work on gig portfolio. cover pic and tag. Hope that will help you a lot. Make trust on fiverr.

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