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Oder two gigs at the same time

Is there any method to pay for two gigs at the same time ??

because in morocco if you want to pay in the internet you have to pay more than 2 $ for each time

so we buy the gig by 7$ not 5 $

Well, It depends if your seller is on a certain level or not in order to accept multiple gigs at the same time.

You have to check it by going to the gig page, then hover the cursor over ORDER button and you will see a drop down menu. Here you can select the number of gigs you want to purchase.

Attaching a screen shot of the possible screen: :wink: I am a LEVEL 2 Seller and I have that option:

thanks for the reply

but I want to buy for example 2 gigs from 2 different seller

is it possible or not ??